Morgana Carlos is 27 years of age and she is dentist-surgeon specializing in orthodontics/orthopedics and orofacial harmonization. She is a former candidate of Miss Brasil 2016 where she represented the state of Ceara and made it to the Top 5. As Miss Brasil Terra 2023, she will represent Brazil at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant which will be held in Vietnam.

Brazil boasts two Miss Earth crowns in its kitty. The first Brazilian to win the prestigious crown is Priscilla Meirelles who won in 2004. In 2009, Larissa Ramos became the second woman from her country to win Miss Earth. Morgana Carlos hopes to follow their footsteps through her impeccable resume. Considering that Brazil is a beauty superpower and is ranked 4th at the Big5 Ranking, it is possible that its third Miss Earth crown may come into fruition this year!