After weeks of numerous group activities, challenges and competitions, the 69th edition of Miss World will finally wrap up the Big 5 Pageant season by crowning the worthy successor of Vanessa Ponce. It will be such a huge shoe to fill in as Vanessa set the bar so high by becoming one of Miss World’s most traveled reigning queens and armed with lots of charitable projects that were materialized because of her. We will be missing her engaging wholesome personality and infectious smile. In fact, we consider Vanessa as one of the friendliest Miss World winners we have ever met.

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Now let’s meet the crown contenders!

1. INDIA – In a year where we do not seem to have one major standout, we thought that Suman Rao could give India their seventh Miss World crown. London has huge Indian community and never in recent years had we seen an Indian queen doing well when the pageant is being held in London. But remember, the last time that India won on British soil, they crowned the amazing Priyanka Chopra. In fact, it was a back-to-back win for India in London. But that’s almost “ancient” history and many of the delegates this year were not even born when that happened. So, after following Suman’s journey to the crown, and her unforgettable performances at the head-to-head challenge, we won’t complain if another Indian beauty wins the blue crown.

2. NIGERIA – Africa’s most populous nation is coming really strong at this year’s Miss World competition with the unstoppable Nyekachi Douglas. She was hailed as the winner of the Top Model, and also a finalist at the very important Beauty with a Purpose round, winner in the head-to-head challenge, and 1st Runner-up in Sports. We wonder if Nyekachi will suffer the same fate as the Nepali delegate last year, who had won two important challenge events, only to end up clapping for Thailand when the continental queen was announced. Nyekachi, on the other hand, is a great speaker as she had won her head-to-head challenge against Belarus, so we are confident that she would do well in the very important personality interview.

3. VENEZUELA Isabella Rodriguez is here to redeem the Venezuelan status at Miss World. After years of unsuccessful tries (six straight years of non-placements) they had finally secured a Top 30 quarterfinal placement last year. This year, Isabella has come to be the most prepared delegate for she was crowned more than a year ago as Miss Venezuela 2018. Her Beauty with a Purpose project will most likely win this year’s award. Aside from that, we really love Isabella’s exotic beauty and lovely personality. If the crown were to stay in the Americas, it should better go to Venezuela for this victory will be considered a huge one for the ailing country.

4. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – The statuesque Tya Jane Ramey who is a Top 10 finalist in the Top Model round and 2nd Runner-up at the Sports event could easily win the Miss World Caribbean title. Factoring out the results of the challenge events, we believe that Tya could still easily make a mark on her own because she defeated the equally well-spoken Miss Ireland in the head-to-head challenge. That’s a lot to say about the speaking prowess of this Trini beauty.

5. FRANCE – Round up our Top 5, we have the lovely lass from Guadeloupe, who is this year’s French delegate at Miss World. As the 1st Runner-up at the highly prestigious Miss France, 20-year-old Ophély Mézino had to fill in the role that the actual winner of Miss France decided not to do because of conflict of schedule with the 2020 Miss France activities. Ophély is very pretty, and was in fact a heavy favorite at last year’s Miss France. The chemical engineering student was in the Top 5 of the Top Model challenge and her Beauty with a Purpose project had made it to the Top 10!

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6. Vietnam – If not for the continental restriction, we could have put Vietnam’s Luong Thuy Linh in the Top 5, together with the Philippine delegate, and our ranking would have changed a lot. Her presence cannot be ignored and we believe that she could give India a run for her money. Watch out for her!

7. Philippines – Michelle Dee, if ever she enters the Top 5, will certainly change the whole ball game! We won’t be surprised if she would be crowned as the second Miss World from the Philippines. Her sophisticated beauty and endearing personality are what set her apart from her immediate predecessor, who failed to make the cut last year. This is going to be an interesting battle for the Asian continental queen title!

8. Indonesia – As if it’s not enough, here comes another strong contender from Asia, Princess Megonondo, who might spoil everything from the heavy favorites and run away with the Miss World crown for the very first time for Indonesia. We would certainly welcome Princess as the next queen for she certainly has a good heart and pleasing personality.

9. Jamaica – Toni Ann-Singh, the talented lass from Jamaica, is another force to reckon with. She could also be Miss World Caribbean, but when it comes to speaking skills, the delegate from Trinidad & Tobago may be a bit better than her, but her sweet personality more than makes up for it!

10. Moldova – So far, the only European to have survived the head-to-head challenge, Elizaveta Kuznitova might just be the dark horse like last year’s Miss Belarus who just popped out of nowhere and claimed the Miss World Europe title. However, Elizabeta has made her mark by qualifying through the head-to-head challenge, and not to mention that she has the beautiful face that can melt anyone’s heart.

11. Uganda – So far, one of Africa’s strong bets for the crown but not as strong as their delegate last year who made it to the Top 5. She made it to the Top Model Top 10, though, so that is a sign that she is a contender.

12. Czech Republic – One of the most beautiful faces from Europe, and she also managed to be the one of the two Top 10 qualifiers in the Top Model competition. Czech Republic had last won the Miss World crown in 2006, but they have failed to place in the winners’ circle since then.

13. Brazil – A strong contender for the Miss World America title, she made a mark by making it to the Top 10 of the Top Model competition, and the only one from her continent to do so. Is it a sign that she is favored? It could be!

14. Mexico – The country of the reigning queen has the pressure of winning a back-to-back feat, which is not impossible at all. Miss World has had three back-to-back wins in the past, and we all know how wonderful Vanessa has worked for the organization. So it could be a plus points for Mexico.

15. Nepal – The winner of the Social Media challenge, Nepal has the potential of spoiling the fun away from the early Asian favorites. The Himalayan nation has never made it to the Top 5 of Miss World despite being so close to achieve it many times. Will this be their first year of making it happen?

16. Paraguay – Paraguay has not seen good days in Miss World for many years, but this year their hopes are raised after their delegate has assured them of a Top 40 placement with the victory in the head-to-head challenge. She was also a finalist in the Talent competition.

17. Ukraine – The controversy brought by the former Miss Ukraine winner can help propel the Ukrainian delegate to a high placement this year. She has the beauty and the talent as evidenced by her placement in the Top Model and Talen comeptitions.

18. Guyana – She qualified based on her outstanding performance in the head-to -head challenge so she is assured of a placement in the Top 40.

19. England – The Indian-born doctor has the resume to make a great Miss World, but she seems to be more of an academic person than a beauty queen.

20. British Virgin Islands – The Sports Challenge winner has a sure spot in the Top 40, but we think that it will be the farthest that she can go.

Bubbling Up: Canada, Malaysia, Mongolia, Portugal, Tunisia