Miss World 2019: Beauty With A Purpose Top 10 finalists


The 10 Beauty With A Purpose finalists of Miss World 2019 were announced during the charity gala held December 10.

“Beauty With A Purpose is the highest recognition a contestant can achieve in Miss World,” the pageant wrote on its website. “Every year contestants are asked to work for a project that helps the people in their home countries. This gives thousands of young women every year, the opportunity to use their abilities to make a real and lasting contribution to the lives of the sick and disadvantaged children.”

The winner will be announced during the finals on December 14 and will automatically secure a place in the Top 40.

Here’s a look at the 10 finalists and their projects:

Miss World Mongolia
Mongolia ranks number one in the world for liver disease. For this reason, I have organised a free vaccination campaign and have had more than 1,000 people attend educational seminars on how to prevent liver disease from the Hepatitis B virus. In addition, we have successfully operated liver transplantation surgery for a 17-year-old orphan girl, with the help of surgeons and by fundraising. Furthermore, with the aim of helping people to prevent health problems, I have initiated a health insurance programme in Mongolia. I believe that increasing awareness and educating people to understand and learn how to prevent illness is the most important thing.

Miss World Malaysia
Chance4Change aims to eradicate the increasingly chronic issue of baby and infant abandonment in Malaysia through a combination of education, discussion and development of self-worth. It also develops fundraising activities and sustainable income projects for teenage, unwedded, abused and at-risk mothers; giving them the capability to care for themselves and their children.

Miss World Tunisia
My project is aimed at reaching people in rural areas, providing health services and raising awareness of the importance of prevention. To date, six medical caravans have provided medical examinations for over 1500 people with those in need receiving treatment and prescribed medication. We are dedicated to do all that we can to improve the quality of life for the people in rural areas and are committed to easing their suffering.

Miss World Venezuela
In Petare, my home and the largest slum in Latin America, I have been working with the community and family to develop the ‘I Dream, I Can’ personal development programme for girls whose basic rights are unmet in the midst of the social crisis in Venezuela. #IDreamICan provides girls with information and tools to discover their purpose and self-worth as unique and valuable members of society, thus facilitating their ability to make good decisions, become leaders, and take actions that impact their lives and the lives of other girls.

Miss World India
Norms that restrict the movement of women in traditional communities deny them the right to earn a living. The complete dependence on men that ensues translates to a lack of self-worth and agency over decisions. My project, Pragati (Progress) provides local employment allowing women to gain financial independence while still preserving vital familial and community ties.

Miss World France
I am a hearing Child of Deaf adult and I am fighting for the recognition of deaf culture and French sign language. The deaf are not integrated, they are isolated in our society. I would like to create a home, first in Guadeloupe a French overseas department and then in other parts of the world.

Miss World Nigeria
My goal is to improve personal hygiene and to empower children in the Makoko community. I am partnering with NGOs to raise awareness on personal hygiene and holding a benefit concert in which the kids will be performing.

Miss World Nepal
My BWAP project, I have chosen this multifaceted community upliftment programme that aims to create a sustainable and duplicable development model. This project aims to work towards creating a visible and sustainable improvement in the quality of education of girl child, by mainly focusing on economic upliftment of mothers through livelihood generation.

Miss World Vietnam
‘Building Road, Connecting Dreams’ is all about building a road on a 1,300-meter-high cliff, connecting the two poorest villages with the outside world. This newly-built road makes the villages access to the town, where the residences can get a better education, medical facilities, health care and social service.

Miss World Indonesia
In Indonesia, many children live in conditions that are unsuitable and are excluded from education. This is the condition in Kawungsari, West Java. The children have to sell on the streets for extra income. I help the villagers by showing new ways of creating income. With a better economy, the children can return to school and pursue a better life. Missosology.Org; Photos from Miss World page