Graphics by: Mario Bergantinos

Three of the Big 5 Pageants have already crowned their respective queen. And in a couple of days, a new Miss Universe will be crowned. However, another major pageant is currently heating up in London with events being concluded one day after another.

Miss World may not be as fancy as the other pageants – as it does not have flamboyant preliminary stage shows – but it remains significant and relevant because of its noble mission to serve the less fortunate through its Beauty with a Purpose project.

As of press time, we have already learned about the Top Model finalists, and also the results of the Sports challenge. We have also seen the delegates show their speaking prowess through the “Head-to-Head Challenge”. Based on our analysis and observation, here are the current leaders to the crown.

1. Philippines – Michelle Márquez Dee – A top contender and a born leader, Michelle has lived up to expectations. She has the calming aura of a queen, and a sincere way of delivering her thoughts as evidenced in the “Head-toHead Challenge”. The two-year semifinals drought of the Philippines at the Miss World Pageant has been considered quite alarming by Filipino pageant followers, and no doubt, it has negatively affected the image of the pageant in the Southeast Asian archipelago. Needless to mention, the bitterness left by the loss of Catriona Gray in 2016 seems to have permanently strained the relationship between the Philippines and the London-based pageant. However, we cannot deny the fact that the Philippines has sent a formidable delegate this year, and if she will be snobbed just like her two immediate predecessors, then it might be hopeless to regain the affection of Filipinos to this pageant. That, despite the fact that the same organization had given the Miss World Organization a successful staging of the Mister World contest in the third quarter of this year.

2. Nigeria – Nyekachi Douglas – One of the most successful delegates in terms of results in the challenge events, Nyekachi is Africa’s best hope to win the crown that the continent last won in 2014. However, there are still a few challenges that may change our assessment, but Nyekachi is a very competitive young lady. We believe that Nigeria has long waited to be awarded again the continental queen title and this stunning Nigerian could just be the one they have long been waiting for.

3. Ukraine – Marharyta Pasha – The Miss Ukraine pageant is the most prestigious beauty contest in Ukraine, which is being shown on TV with lots of publicity. The winner of the pageant goes to the Miss World pageant. However, no Ukrainian winner of this highly respected national pageant has been appreciated by Miss World. Marharyta deserves to be noticed because she is one of the best winners that Ukraine has produced in recent years. Sadly, we barely heard of a Miss Ukraine going further to the finals – and win the European continental queen title – unlike their neighboring Belarus which succeeded to reached that mark last year. Will the recent publicity brought by a dethroned Miss Ukraine winner who accused the Miss World Organization of discrimination against unwed mothers make a mark?

4. Vietnam – Lương Thùy Linh – If the continental queen is set aside, Vietnam’s delegate this year can go further to the top without having to battle it out against a fellow Asian for the continental queen award. She is, so far, the fiercest rival of the Philippines for this title. The statuesque Luong is a contender for the Top Model award. We won’t be surprised if she will be hailed as the winner of that challenge as she has the looks and the prominent neckline that is very much a “top model” material!

5. Trinidad & Tobago – Tya Janè Ramey – A talented saxophonist and an athlete, Tya is expected to redeem the Trini tradition at Miss World. Their latest placement in the winners circle was in 2008, and since then, the twin island nation just off the coast of Venezuela has been struggling to get even the Caribbean queen title. But, we don’t think that it will be hard this time as Tya seems to be doing really well in all the challenges she has been to. We can even count her in at the Talent challenge!

6. India – Suman Rao – Although she slid from being our top pick in the previous leaderboard, Suman is still someone to check out. Indian beauties normally delivers well when necesary, so we are not counting her out!

7. Uganda – Oliver Nakakande – As a Top 10 finalist in the Top Model, Oliver is one of Africa’s leading contender for the crown. The fact that the Miss World organization had an amazing trip to Uganda this year is a proof how much they value the brand name, which resulted to monetary support from the national government of Uganda!

8. Czech Republic – Denisa Spergerová – It is hard to ignore the presence of this Czech stunner who has the classical look that is very much appreciated in Miss World.

9. France – Ophely Mezino – This beautiful native of Reunion represented Guadeloupe at Miss France, and was hailed as 1st Runner-up. When the winner of Miss France 2019 decided not to compete at both Miss World and Miss Universe, Ophely took the honor of representing France at Miss World.

10. Brazil – Elís Miele Coelho – After last year’s unexpected non-placement of Jessica Calvaho, Brazil is back with a strong delegate who is one of the Top 10 finalists in the Top Model challenge.

Here are the rest of the Top 19:

11. British Virgin Islands – Rikkiya Brathwaite
12. Venezuela – Isabella Rodriguez
13. Hong Kong, China – Lila Lam
14. Slovakia – Frederika Kurtulíková
15. Poland – Milena Sadowska
16. Denmark – Natasja Kunde
17. Portugal – Inês Brusselmans
18. Indonesia – Princess Megonondo
19. Mexico – Ashley Alvídrez