• For the first time ever, everyone can watch the Preliminary Interview, National Costume, Swimsuit & Evening Gown, and Grand Finale worldwide by subscribing to the Ring Light series

The winner of Miss Universe Philippines will represent the Philippines in the global Miss Universe pageant.

14 October 2020 – Miss Universe Philippines has announced it will be filming the preliminary interview, national costume, swimsuit and evening gown, and grand finale that will crown the first Miss Universe Philippines at the Baguio Country Club in Baguio City, following the FDCP – DOH Health and Safety Protocols for the Conduct of Film and Audiovisual Production Shoots to Mitigate COVID-19. 

There will be no live audience during the production, however, fans around the world can watch the preliminary interview, national costume, swimsuit and evening gown, and two-hour finale by subscribing to the Ring Light series on empire.ph. The preliminary interview episode will premiere on Ring Light on October 21, followed by the national costume, swimsuit and evening gown episode on October 23, and the grand finale on October 25 at 10:30 am PH time. The finale will also be aired on GMA-7 at 9 am with a replay telecast on the same night at 10:30 pm.

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization, including the candidates, the production team, and the pageant officers, will strictly and consistently coordinate with the appropriate national agencies and the local government of Baguio City throughout the entire production of the finale episode. This includes an on-site inspection prior to filming to ensure adequate and well-ventilated space for social distancing, sanitary facilities in all entrances and exits, and an isolation area for those who show symptoms of COVID-19.

Miss Universe Philippines will also conduct rigorous screening and testing for all members of the production team before the start of filming. And in accordance with protocols set by the Department of Health (DOH), the organization will ensure that all participants are tested and that strict guidelines for travel will be followed. Members of the production team will wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times, and production will be limited to  a maximum of 15 people to 50 people — including the candidates — on set when filming.

Meanwhile the candidates will be provided their own rooms on-site and will adhere to the production’s strict guidelines, including: doing their own hair and makeup (with virtual tutorials by hair and makeup artists), wearing PPEs when not performing, practicing of social distancing when on set and staying in their respective rooms when not filming, and ensuring proper hygiene all throughout their filming.

How to Watch Miss Universe Philippines: The Ring Light Series

The Preliminary Interview, National Costume, Swimsuit & Evening Gown, and the Grand Finale will be available to stream worldwide by subscribing to www.empire.ph for a one-time fee of PHP 299 for audiences in the Philippines and USD 6 for audiences abroad. 

A portion of your subscription also goes to a cause that’s important to you. Subscribers can choose one of three official partner beneficiaries of Miss Universe Philippines, namely: WWF-Philippines, AHA! Learning Center, the Philippine COVID Archive, and the Philippine Fashion Coalition.