With only one day to go before the preliminary events, nothing can stop the “heat wave” that is plaguing Atlanta right now as Miss Universe 2019 brought 90 of the hottest women on the planet!

Despite the limited activities of the delegates since their arrival, the Miss Universe fever continues to heat up, with numerous predictions and hot picks popping up the social media world.

Leading our third hot picks is none other than the delegate from the Philippines, Gazini Ganados. Born with a Filipino mother and Palestinian father, Gazini’s popularity is soaring high among pageant aficionados. Although the pressure is very evident to produce a rare back-to-back feat for her pageant crazy country, Gazini seems unfazed. It seems like she is taking everything one day at a time, and is always enjoying the moment. However, once the competition mood is switched on, she is simply unstoppable. Considered as one of the most facially beautiful Miss Universe Philippines that we have ever seen, Gazini is expected to lead the group prior to the all-important preliminary judging.

Gabriela Tafur Nader, the 24-year-old lawyer from Colombia, is Gazini’s fiercest rival as of the moment. We should keep an eye on this accomplished young woman because the traditional Miss Colombia pageant is sending her, the national winner, after a year of hiatus. That simply means that Gabriela had a year to prepare, work on her advocacy, and realize a lot of things about being a beauty queen. Armed with rich experience as Miss Colombia 2018, captivating facial features and amazing stage presence, Gabriela will surely carry the Colombian flag with pride!

Thailand‘s Paweensuda Drouin is still a force to reckon with, and is solid at third place. The Kingdom of Thailand, still fresh from celebrating their first Miss International win, will definitely root for their beloved “Fahsai” to bring home the crown for the third time. Her Eurasian features somehow reminds us of reigning Miss Universe, Cartriona Gray’s overall aura. But that’s not to say that Fahsai has no unique things to put on the table. She is, in fact, a summa cum laude graduate with a degree in Kinesiology.

At fourth place, the amazing blonde bombshell from Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson, will continue to keep the Puerto Rican momentum that they regained last year after several years of failing to make the first cut. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, to an American father and Puerto Rican mother, Madison once participated in a minor international pageant back in 2016 where she placed 3rd Runner-up . She did try to compete in the Miss USA system, and placed 1st Runner-up at Miss Florida USA 2019. She eventually tried her luck at Miss Universe Puerto Rico and won the title.

Completing the Top 5 is the breathtaking red-haired stunner from France, Maëva Coucke. Hoping that at Miss Universe 2019, the injustice that she suffered in her previous pageant will be avenged. During Miss World 2018 in Sanya, despite being pegged as the one to beat by several betting agencies as well as pageant blogs, she failed to win the European continental queen title, which was one of the major disappointments last year. When it was announced that Miss France 2019 would not compete at both Miss Universe and Miss World, Maëva, who was Miss France 2018, was appointed as Miss Universe France 2019. She followed the footsteps of Miss France 2014 Flora Coquerel, who competed at Miss World 2014 first before competing at Miss Universe 2015, where she ended up in the Top 5.

Meanwhile, Indonesia‘s Frederika Cull slid to sixth place, but that does not mean that she is losing steam. Like what we mentioned in our previous hot picks, this woman can talk. Previous top pick, Cindy Marina of Albania fell to seventh place, after not seeing much about her since arrival. She needs to up her game during the preliminary judging. Kenya‘s Stacy Michuki is a quite a revelation! She is now the lone African in our Top 20. Brazil‘s Julia Horta is in ninth place, while the Osmel-trained Mariana Varela of Argentina completes our Top 10!

Check out the complete list below:

Miss Universe 2019 3rd Hot Picks

  1. PHILIPPINES (Gazini Ganados)
  2. COLOMBIA (Gabriela Tafur Nader)
  3. THAILAND (Paweensuda Drouin)
  4. PUERTO RICO ((Madison Anderson)
  5. FRANCE ( Maëva Coucke )
  6. INDONESIA (Frederika Cull)
  7. ALBANIA (Cindy Marina)
  8. KENYA (Stacy Michuki)
  9. BRAZIL (Julia Horta)
  10. ARGENTINA (Mariana Varela)
  11. CHILE (Geraldine Gonzalez)
  12. IRELAND (Fionnghuala O’Reilly)
  13. PORTUGAL (Sylvie Silva)
  14. MEXICO (Sofia Aragon)
  15. INDIA (Vartika Singh)
  16. SINGAPORE (Mohana Prabha)
  17. USA (Cheslie Kryst)
  18. PANAMA (Mehr Eliezer)
  19. LAOS (Vichita Phonevilay)
  20. BANGLADESH (Shirin Akter Shela)