Miss Universe 2014 Updates :: NBC posts an exact date


NBC, the official TV broadcaster of Miss Universe in the United States, is already showing a banner that Miss Universe will be held on January 25, 2015. So folks, this looks like an official news that there is no Miss Universe 2014 . It will be the first time that the pageant has officially skipped a year and will forever put a stain on the reputation of the pageant. Meanwhile, the official Miss Universe website is not showing any specific dates of the pageant. No official press release was issued as of this time.



  1. this is so sad……..and bad!!!!! good luck to MUO if they confirm this announcement. This will definitely affect the Miss Universe forever.

  2. I still think(believe) that it will be held in January 2015 but it will still be MU 2014 and then MU 2015 will be held at the end of the year 2015. So no skipping of the year, but confusing for sure…

  3. probably they want as many delegates as possible, so even Switzerland need not withdraw from Miss Universe 2014 now that it will be in January 2015. All the national winners through December 31, 2014 can perhaps join Miss Universe in January 2015