OPINION :: Is Miss Universe 2013 the jinx?


Jinx n. informal – person or thing that brings bad luck. American English used in 1911 from Latin iynx, the wryneck, a bird used in witchcraft, from Greek íynx.


With NBC declaring that the next Miss Universe will be on January 25, 2015, it is clear as the Voss water on your table that Miss Universe 2014 is officially dead. While this is a permanent damage to the image of Miss Universe as a pageant, people are scratching their heads as to why a pageant with long unbroken history failed to conduct a pageant this year. Miss Universe is an organization backed by willing sponsors, billions of fans, a legion of high spending TV networks, and by the Trump empire, so what’s the problem? Why skip a year and risk staining your pageant’s reputation?


While this is highly unscientific and is in no way reflective of the official thought and opinion of Missosology, I decided to concoct some possible explanations. And it all lead to one conclusion – Miss Universe 2013 (the pageant itself and the winners) is the culprit. Please, let the drum roll.

Russia’s homophobia is government sanctioned

1.) Miss Universe 2013 was conducted in a homophobic nation. The good people of Russia may not be homophobic but their government is. With a sizable slice of fans are gays – well in fact the Miss Universe 2013 first runner-up was a gay – conducting the Miss Universe in a nation with official laws that restrict the freedom and rights of gay people doesn’t sound right and karma just comes around when it is around.

A crown falling down is never good

2.) That crown fell down. Okay, this might sound silly but did you remember that Riyo Mori’s crown fell down? That Mikimoto crown was never worn again at Miss Universe – ever. It was replaced briefly by  the CAO Fine Jewelry crown in 2008 and in 2009, Diamond Nexus crown became the official tiara. And remember how Diamond Nexus crown fell down in 2009? Some analysts say that it was a sign that Miss Universe was slowly declining and a year when the results were openly questioned and Miss Universe has to issue a press release to dispel rumors of fixing. So, last year, at Miss Universe 2013, the crown fell down once again. They say Diamond Nexus crown will never be worn again and a sign that Miss Universe is truly in decline.

7 es un número de mala suerte

3.) That séptimo corona! Ma. Gabriela Isler is the 7th Venezuelan to win the Miss Universe crown. Her 7 number is lucky – for her. She was too lucky that she absorbed all the luck to the point she will technically be reigning over 2 year – 2013 and 2014.

¿Viva el chavismo?

4.) Ma. Gabriela Isler is a known Chavista supporting a regime that is increasingly dictatorial and known for murdering its own people. While she may have toned down her support, the fact that she openly supported a brutal regime is truly a bad luck.

What about us?

5.) Venezuelan domination is turning other people off. It gives an impression that other nations are helpless and without any chances of winning so any willing broadcasters in other nations including advertisers are pretty much reluctant to inject some cash. The same is true about host cities. Trinidad and Tobago for example was encouraged to host because of Wendy’s victory, Honolulu by Brook Lee’s, Windhoek by Michelle’s and so on and so forth. Venezuelans has been winning without even offering just once to host the pageant.






  1. Yeah, yeah… and you can add that it happened in 2013 and 13 is unlucky number etc etc, these things are just speculations. Do you seriously believe that all the above mentioned is a real impact? Crown falling down as a sign, omg… It fell because Olivia Culpo is significantly shorter then Gabriela Isler so she didn’t reach and put it to Gabriela’s head properly, as easy as it is, it is no sign of anything. Oh gosh, I’m also disappointed by the MU situation, but it doesn’t necessary mean the we need to create such strange theories. MU organization is in trouble, it is for sure and they will not speak until they will clean up the mess at least partially…

  2. In a way I feel it is good. Nations which crown their winners late in the year will have time to prepare. However having said that, definitely the pagaent could have been held around Christmas just as in 2012!

  3. And as usual Venezuela is the guilty because they ever win. Don’t you have another story? We all know that story and why that happen… And you should think before put that shit here.

  4. Maria Gabriela isler es chavista JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ next con ustedes LA MENTIRA TUMBA LA MALA INTENCION SEAN SERIOS !!!!!!!!!!!! Maria gabriela Isler es opositora 1.0000000000 % contra el gobierno de maduro eso hasta los niños lo saben…. jajajajajajajaja

  5. This sounds absurd. What has gayness to do with this? And it’s Russia, they are subject to their own laws. Why would outsiders impose their own beliefs on other countries? Would you like it if others will force or pressure you to do something you do not believe in? Or say if Russia pressures the US to have anti-gay laws? To each country its own.

    And so what if Gabriela supports her government? Ugh! Good for her. Again, it’s a matter of choice and cultural background.

    This is an article that tries to impose the author’s beliefs on others.

  6. You should really delete this poor post. Stop lobbying against Venezuela. Why to throw shade on her. Do it better yourself

  7. What the actual fuck is this? Do you even have sources proving everything you’re saying? I lived in Venezuela for a long time and I can tell you FOR SURE, Maria Gabriela NEVER showed any support at all for the President or the regime! In fact, during the social unrest last February she constantly stated how hurtful it was for her to see what was happening to her people. Just check her social media accounts, I don’t need to prove that! This is the stupidest, most biased article I’ve ever read on Miss Universe and it seems to have emerged just because Venezuela has won a number of times.

    “She was too lucky that she absorbed all the luck to the point she will technically be reigning over 2 year – 2013 and 2014”. Is this even a piece of a legitimate website article? Whoever wrote this should go back to school and learn how to actually write an article. Smh!!