Miss International 2015 officially kicks off

More than half the the expected 72 delegates have finally arrived in Tokyo as the 55th Miss International Beauty Pageant officially kicks off. Pageant experts and bloggers have been dubbing this year’s edition as the “Blood Bath in Tokyo” with quite a number of outstanding ladies competing for the Mikimoto crown.

While most of the pageant fanatics are judging the girls based on photos and videos, it is very important to point out that Miss International is not just concerned on the physical aspects of the ladies. Girls are judged based on their character, manners, social skills and attitude towards their fellow contestants, staffs and even the photographers. Japanese people are very sensitive towards girls who display a strong sense of arrogance, so they better be careful not to destroy their chances this early. Some of the girls have already shown their true colors as they probably thought that they are not yet being judged this early. Unfortunately, the walls have ears! So, be very careful girls!


The good apples.

Instead of focusing on the bad apples, it is better to mention the girls who have really impressed us today. Miss Macau, Ana Choi, tops the list. If one gets to know this wonderful woman, you will surely be drawn to her personality. One of the staff members even mentioned that she was good in initiating conversation, and was quick to open up her story to them. She is a survivor of a tumor operation that almost cost her life, so Ana, who is an events producer is someone to keep an eye on!

12065490_10153044505567391_203264162147041295_n copy
“Miss Personality” is Ana Choi of Macau

The happy island of Aruba also sent an adorable candidate, Laura Ruiz, who may not be very photogenic, but in real life she looks ravishing. Canada’s Kathryn Kohut has indeed mastered her pageant skills, thanks to her previous stint at Miss Grand International. Despite battling jetlag, she was still all smiles and friendly with us. Her overall appeal reminds us of Natalie den Dekker when she competed back in 2013, and won 1st Runner-up.


Don’t be surprised if this year will mark the first ever back-to-back win in the history of Miss International!  This year’s crown defender, Wilmary Moncion-Roman of Puerto Rico is an absolute treat!  She is definitely a shoo-in for the crown.  Although some people may write her off because Valerie Hernandez is also from Puerto Rico, we don’t think that it’s fair for Wilmary because she has all the goods to become the next Miss International too!  Her beauty is mesmerizing, and you can see from her eyes and smile that she is a friendly and kind.  We understand the jet lag and tiredness but she was still very cooperative with us.  And her make-up was spot on!

12118985_10153044501032391_447826246206018873_n copy
Back-to-back win for Puerto Rico?

Poland’s Ewa Mielnicka is a doll! She is quite natural and candid, despite the fact that her beauty is such a head turner! Don’t be surprised if she wins it all this coming November 5th! She has the pleasant personality that can truly win your heart. Colombia’s Natalia Ochoa is once again showing us the Colombian charm that is always present among their Miss International delegates. She looks a lot better in person than in photos, and we admire her for her effort to speak in English.

The host delegate.

12079670_10153044508432391_230098933446137277_n copy
No pressure for the host delegate.

Host delegate Arisa Nakagawa is doing a great job, and she has improved ever since her crowning. Her youthfulness is very evident and she is more than excited to introduce Tokyo and other prefectures to her fellow candidates. She said that she does not want to pressure herself during the pageant, but she will definitely enjoy and learn from her experience and use them as tools for personal growth. Rachel Van Der Meulen of the Netherlands is also another delegate to watch out because she seems very genuine and charismatic. USA’s Lindsay Becker is more than just a pretty face! She is approachable, demure and well-mannered. And oh yes, we love Sophie Loudon‘s Scottish accent, and she is representing the United Kingdom!


Other standouts were the usual favorites from the Philippines, Venezuela and Ecuador.  The delegates from Panama, Bolivia and El Salvador are also looking great!
On Monday, the girls will have their orientation and later that night, they will have their very first test in terms of social grace and poise – the Welcome Party with the owner of Miss International Organization, Akemi Shimomura. Let’s see who will suddenly become “good girls” after reading this post!

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