Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [@kxxenriquez]

After the online presentation of the candidates’ chosen fauna and the virtual intelligence preliminary judging, the beauty experts of Missosology had a pretty good look on who are the front-runners of this year’s Miss Earth pageant. There are surprisingly a lot of strong contestants and it would be pretty exciting to see them all competing onstage.

There is one particular candidate that majority of the pageant watchers are talking about. She is Miss Australia Sheridan Mortlock. She is well-spoken, stunningly beautiful and with genuine concern to the pressing problems that our planet is facing right now. She is perhaps the best choice of Miss Earth if the pageant wants to redeem its prestige and relevance after conducting its pageant for the last two years virtually.

Meanwhile, Miss Belgium Daphné Nivelles will pose a serious threat to anyone wishing to be crowned Miss Earth 2022. She is currently ranked 2nd in the Hot Picks but she is a strong contender for the crown. She is apparently well prepared and well knowledgeable about the environmental concerns in her country. Her genuine passion to her advocacy was pretty much apparent after the two virtual events.

Miss Kosovo Vonesa Alijaj is one of the standouts during the intelligence preliminary judging. She handled her questions confidently and she is passionate on what she is talking about. Her beauty also caught the attention of our beauty experts making her as one of the front-runner in the competition.

Not only she is charming and beautiful but she is also gorgeous and a passionate eco warrior. Miss Colombia Andrea Aguilera displayed confidence and it is obvious she had a good command of the topics being discussed during the virtual events. Beauty experts believe that she could – at the very least – win an elemental crown.

Rounding up the Top 5 is the host candidate Miss Philippines Jenny Ramp. She has a bubbly personality albeit she appears to be too rehearsed. Still, her beauty and intelligence is undeniable and her sash carry a lot of weight in this contest.

Here’s the complete list of the first Miss Earth 2022 Hot Picks:

  1. Australia – Sheridan Mortlock
  2. Belgium – Daphné Nivelles
  3. Kosovo – Vonesa Alijaj
  4. Colombia – Andrea Aguilera
  5. Philippines – Jenny Ramp
  6. Brazil – Jéssica Pedroso
  7. Somalia – Hibaq Ahmed
  8. South Korea – Mina Sue Choi
  9. Slovak Republic – Karolína Michalčíková
  10. Russia – Ekaterina Velmakina
  11. Palestine – Nadeen Ayoub
  12. Venezuela – Oriana Pablos
  13. Cuba – Sheyla Ravelo
  14. Dominican Republic – Nieves Marcano
  15. Canada – Jessica Cianchino