The delegates of Miss Earth 2017 on Wednesday, October 18, walked the runway at Century Park Hotel Manila in white swimwear and white veils during the the “figure and form” prejudging round.
The “Beauty of Figure and Form” is the first of three prejudging rounds that will determine the fate of the candidates in this year’s competition. The ladies are set to face two more prejudging rounds: poise and beauty of face, and intelligence.
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Earlier this year, this style of prejudging introduced at the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 pageant was criticised for objectifying the candidates.
However, Carousel Productions said in a statement that this was implemented “to promote strict impartiality during our prejudging and for the first time allowed the event to be seen by the public”.
“In the pre-judging portion of figure and form, (which is separate from the swimsuit competition, by the way), the transparent veil served a double purpose — first, to place emphasis on the figure and form of the candidate, which was the criteria of focus for that specific portion, and second to introduce the girls with dramatic flair since it was the first in our series of prejudging,” the statement released last June 24, added. Photos by Bong Tan, Missosology.Org