The year 2015 is indeed an exciting year for Miss Earth. For the first time ever, the pageant will be held in Europe and it is interesting how Miss Earth managed to pull off this kind of feat. While relatively young among the Big4 Pageants, it took the pageant less than a decade to stage its events outside its home city.


Of course, having Austria as the host country is already exciting but what is even more exciting is the bevy of beauties that will compete. A large majority of the contestants were chosen via formal and separate pageants in their respective countries which means that Miss Earth has established itself as a major international pageant.

So here’s the list of leading Miss Earth 2015 contestants according to our beauty experts:

1.) This year, it looks like Miss Chile Natividad Leiva is bound to take it all with her sassy looks and classy personality. Chile has already one Miss Earth winner – Hil Hernandez – and it seems like Natividad is Hil v2.0 with even more upgrades. One can say that Chile has mastered the art of producing a Miss Earth and while they are not that consistent, it is very likely that whatever they have learned with Hil, they will apply it to Nati as well.


2.) Dayanna Grageda of Australia is perhaps the only Miss Earth candidate who has been crowned at the nationals twice. So how does it feel to win the Miss Earth Australia title in two instances? Well, Dayanna is getting fierce and up for the challenge. She will not leave any stone unturned. She will compete in Austria with fervor and passion and this Aussie beauty has all the talent, zeal, beauty and body to become the next Miss Earth.


3.) Venezuela has always been a force to be reckoned with that is why Andrea Rosales is third on this list. She came off as polished with just the right amount of finesse. Will she be the third Venezuelan Miss Earth?


4.) Ever since she was named as Miss Earth Ecuador, Ángela Bonilla produced a lot of buzz. Her glamorous looks, lithe body figure and the fact that her country has already won the Miss Earth crown, stacks the odds on her favor.


5.) Colombia meanwhile will strive to bring home the crown. It is sending Estefania Muñoz, a stunning Latina beauty that will surely turn a lot of heads in Vienna. She was so enchanting that beauty pageant analysts are raising the possibility that Colombia will win its first ever Miss Earth crown.


6.) Visna Fernando of Sri Lanka comes sixth in our list. Her beauty is indeed one of the best we’ve seen from her country in many years of their Miss Earth participation. She’s got a lot of class, positive attitude and knows how to project her beauty well.


7.) On the 7th place is Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel who will use her experience at Miss International to boost her confidence. Mongolia did well last year so Bayartsetseg is an excellent follow-up to that. She did a minor stint at the Hollywood and she is fluent not only in her native Mongolian language but also in English, French and Spanish.


8.) Miss Paraguay Myriam Arevalos will also bank on her experience as she had represented her country in several minor pageants (and even won one). Her confidence can be even boosted by the fact that she has competed at the Miss World 2014 contest.


9.) The towering figure of Miss Mexico Gladys Flores will be her forte when she lands in Vienna later this year. The 22-year old Latina beauty will indeed be a stand-out in the competition and on top of that, Gladys has been genuinely pursuing her environmental projects!



10.) Elizabeth Dwomoh, an ebony beauty, will represent Belgium this year at Miss Earth. What caught the attention of pageant watchers was her shapely body and her bubbly personality. Interestingly, she is the highest ranked European in the current Hot Picks!


11.) When Turid Elinborgardottir was crowned as Miss Earth Denmark, many missosologists from around the world went gaga over her. Guess her svelte figure and her drop dead gorgeous beauty are the main weapons of Turid. She is ranked 11th in the list but it would not be farfetched to see her progressing in the coming weeks!


12.) Now that the Miss Earth franchise is back in the fold of MUT – Thailand’s most prestigious – the country can breathe a sigh of relief. With so many dramas lately, Chavika Watrsang is indeed a welcome change. She is the first runner-up in the MUT contest. Her demure and oriental charm will surely win the hearts of the European fans once she lands in Vienna!


13.) The angelic/heavenly beauty of Anna Lisa Christiane makes her one of the strong contenders for the Miss Earth 2015 crown. There is something versatile in her beauty. She can be glammed up for Hollywood-like spunk or can be fashioned to be a girl next door or a country girl. Her chameleon like beauty thus earned the lucky 13th spot in our Hot Picks.


14.) Silvia Commodore’s beauty defies the western dominated standards. Ghana, as it seems is the where the best beauties from West Africa comes from. Silvia is bound to follow the great performance of her predecessors in various Big4 pageants. She has that unique beauty that oozes with confidence and class.


15.) On the 15th spot that rounds up this list is Miss Philippines Angelia Ong. Don’t count her out because whatever sash she will be wearing, she is still a beauty that commands attention. She is from a beauty superpower nation so there is that psychological effect that backs her confidence.




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