October 17th marks the beginning of one of the most anticipated editions of Miss International Beauty Pageant. This year’s pageant, being the 55th edition, is anticipating the strongest batch of delegates in recent years. When the delegates start to arrive in exciting Tokyo this Saturday, all eyes will be towards the early favorites and those whom our pageant experts and Missosologists alike have been lobbying all these weeks, leading to this day.



Nothing much has changed in the Top 10, but this time, the angelic New Zealander, Hayley Robinson, tops our list. She is followed in second place by the very prepared and polished Edymar Martinez of Venezuela, and then, by the well-supported Danish delegate, Mette Riis Sørensen, whose national director marks his debut in Miss International. Watch out for Mette’s wardrobe! And then, the highly talked about Cinderella girl from the Philippines, Janicel Lubina, is in fourth place, while the newly appointed Puerto Rican delegate, Wilmary Moncion-Roman, will be aiming for a back-to-back win, and she’s currently in fifth place.

1. New Zealand (Hayley Robinson)
2. Venezuela (Edymar Martinez)
3. Denmark (Mette Riis Sørensen)
4. Philippines (Janicel Lubina)
5. Puerto Rico (Wilmary Moncion-Roman)



Never to be underestimated is the very determined Linda Szunai of Hungary (6th), who is aiming for Hungary’s first BIG 4 win this year, under the supervision of a Venezuelan trainer (name withheld) who is based in Budapest. Meanwhile, our 2nd Hot Picks top girl, Sasi Sintawee of Thailand, dropped to 7th place but still considered a serious contender for the crown. USA’s Lindsay Becker is in 8th place, followed the very charming Hawaiian delegate, Brianna Acosta who is in 9th Place. Interestingly, both Lindsay and Brianna are under the same directorship, so we are confident that they are well-prepared for the competition. Honduras’ Jennifer Valle will finally be competing in Japan after not showing up in 2013, and she is in 10th place for now.

6. Hungary (Linda Szunai)
7. Thailand (Sasi Sintawee)
8. USA (Lindsay Becker)
9. Hawaii (Brianna Acosta)
10. Honduras (Jennifer Valle)

Isis Stocco of Brazil is in 11th Place, and we are expecting more from her when she arrives. Lorena Sevilla of Mexico may have dropped several ranks down, but we’ll see how she will prove us wrong. Meanwhile, Daniela Amijos of Ecuador is back in the ranks, at 13th place, while newcomers Christina Cano of Spain and Immaculate Lojuki of Malaysia, complete our Top 15 list, pre-arrival.

11. Brazil (Isis Stocco)
12. Mexico (Lorena Sevilla)
13. Ecuador (Daniela Amijos)
14. Spain (Christina Silva Cano)
15. Malaysia (Immaculate Lojuki)
Bubbling up (small pics)
16. Kenya (Eunice Onyango)
17. Colombia (Natalia Ochoa)
18. Macau (Ana Choi)
19. Panama (Jhasmeiry Herrera Evans)
20. Aruba (Laura Marceia Ruiz)



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