Miss Earth 2015 3rd Official Hot Picks



16. GUAM


Almost a week after the girls have arrived in beautiful Vienna, and a lot of dramas have sprouted like autumn mushrooms. But, Miss Earth is no stranger to those! Now on her 15th year, Miss Earth is getting stronger than ever, and while going gets tough, the “tougher” girls get going! So who is leading our pack at this point?
Well, it’s none other then Carmen Jaramillo of Panama! From fifth place at the last hot picks, she has jumped four places up and has been the buzz of the town for her impeccable beauty and quite interesting personality. While rumors are circulating that she has an “attitude” problem, well such unfounded and malicious story did not progress because they are not true. Carmen is one of the nicest and friendliest girls in the competition. She is getting much attention and massive support from her fans, and people tend to expect a lot from her. And oh boy! She did not disappoint us! She won one of the gold medals at the Evening Gown competition, which simply explains how elegant and beautiful this Latina charmer is. It is not surprising why her momentum has been unstoppable since she arrived in Austria, and we certainly expect her to deliver in another important round, which will be the swimsuit competition!

Following closely in 2nd place is Colombia’s Estefania Muñoz, who has been mesmerizing us with her beautiful face, queenly stance and radiant smile. Her beauty is what we commonly see from Colombia at Miss Universe stage, and now at Miss Earth, we hope that such beauty won’t be wasted. The former Virreina at the annual Reinado Internacional del Cafe 2014, was appointed to represent Colombia at this year’s Miss Earth, and being a former Colombian coffee queen that she is, we are confident that she is aware of the environmental issues affecting coffee farmers in her region.
Bayartsetseg Altangerel of Mongolia is now in 3rd Place. Many actually thought that Bela’s luck was just in the Eco-Beauty video, which has inspired hundreds of thousands of viewers all over the world, but they were wrong! As of this writing, Bela is also leading the Miss Photogenic voting, thanks to the many supporters from Mongolia and her counterparts from Hollywood who are united for her cause. And on top of that, she recently won a gold medal at the Evening Gown competition, which means that she has beauty, poise and elegance. She was even a Top 12 finalist at the talent competition, which means that she is also talented.
And guess who is still holding strong in our Top 4 for the third straight time? It’s Chile’s Natividad Leiva, who wraps up our top list in 4th place. What we really like about Natividad is her vibrant personality, which you can see in most photos as well as in stories coming from those who have met the girls in flesh. Natividad is one girl who is always in motion. She is active, friendly and always on the lookout for something nice and fun! Since winning the 2006 Miss Earth crown, Chile has been searching for answers why they keep on failing to get at least an elemental crown. Don’t worry because Natividad might just give one back to them!


Kosovo, sadly dropped to 5th Place but we are still confident that she will do well in the competition. She won a bronze medal for evening gown competition, despite wearing a very risky dress, with a headdress! Philippines is now moving up the ladder is in 6th Place. This intelligent Filipina is now slowly showing her aces and it seems that a back-to-back win is in the running. In 7th place is the sexy and sultry Miss Paraguay, who never fails to get the attention of our followers once her photos pop up in our official forum. Although she is just a last minute replacement after all the brouhahas that happened in the Miss Paraguay organization, we see that she is just as prepared for the challenge. And wrapping up our Top 8 is the very angelic Miss Sweden, whom we expect to give her country a first ever elemental crown, or even the whole idea of bringing back the Miss Earth crown to Scandinavia, a feat which was last achieved in 2001.

Meanwhile, Russia is still holding on with a decent 9th spot placement, and she is followed by the very sweet looking Miss Czech Republic at 10th place, who has a lot of admirers due to her natural and youthful beauty. Ukraine at 11th is gaining a few admirers as well, and maybe we will be seeing more of her in our list in the following week. Sri Lanka is back in our list, at 12th spot, while Suriname is now in 13th place. The very tall Miss Thailand is in 14th place, while Miss Mexico and Miss Guam complete our list at 15th and 16th places, respectively.


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