Miss Austria Sophie Totzauer wins gold at Miss Earth Press Presentation


Miss Austria Sophie Totzauer won the gold medal for winning the Darling of the Press Award. The host girl was overwhelmingly voted by well, Austrian press. Winning the silver medal is Miss Germany Melanie Sofia Bauer and the bronze medal went to Miss Scotland Amy Meisak.

The photos below are courtesy of the Miss Earth organization. No photos are available for Miss Tanzania and Miss South Sudan. Miss Taiwan Wen-Yin Ting was reported barred from going onstage after she refused to wear the Miss Chinese Taipei sash. Austria recognizes the one China policy and does not consider Taiwan as an independent nation. The People’s Republic of China is known for exerting political pressure to prevent the representation of Taiwan in Big4 Pageants.


  1. LOL. last year philippines won this award since most of the press is Filipino! and this year most of the press is Austrian! expect next year hometown girl will grab this award again!