She won’t be competing at Miss International 2022 though. That honor was already bestowed to the 2021 titleholder Corrin Stellakis. Kenyatta Beazer will instead compete at the Miss International 2023 pageant. She is a professional model who represented the Northeast region at the nationals. She hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is a forensic chemistry student at Towson University. Kenyatta is no stranger in the world of international pageantry. She won the Miss US Tourism International 2021 title and represented the United States in the international contest held in Malaysia.

The United States was once a strong nation at Miss International pageant. The country has three titleholders: Brucene Smith (1971), Katherine Ruth (1978) and Christie Claridge (1982). The United States remains the number one country in the world of pageantry and has been a clear number one ever since the Big5 Ranking was published.