How Pia is slowly getting back on her critics


Pia Wurtzbach had her own share of critics in the Philippines. First, they criticized her for competing at Bb. Pilipinas for 3 times. Then, when she won, her physical characteristics became the object of ridicule. Criticisms ranges from her wide body structure to her flabby arms and legs. While Pia earned the praise of foreign beauty pageant watchers, back home, she has almost the same number of people who loved her as those who disdained her.


If there is one thing that was underestimated about Pia, it’s her determination. She was recently spotted attending a local pageant in the province of North Cotabato looking slim and fit. She’s hitting back at her critics big time! Anyone who called Pia fat, now is the right time to eat your words. When Pia donned her gown for the event, she looked glamorous and statuesque. Even without make-up, Pia looked very ready for Miss Universe.


What the critics took out from the equation when they hurled nasty epithets against Pia are not just her dedication and passion. They also failed to take into consideration the transformation powers of the people within the Bb. Pilipinas organization. Why, they forgot how Janine Tugonon was polished to perfection!


Of course, the world wouldn’t be exciting without the contrabidas just like in one of those Philippine TV soap operas. However, critics can be taken in a positive light. Like what Pia did, one can can silence critics by proving them wrong. And when the day of reckoning comes, Pia could have the last laugh.



  1. Why are her own Filipinos criticising her of being fat. Pis is very beautiful. She is the 2015 face of all Asia. She is a natural beauty and she is smart, intelligent and confidant. In 2013 Megan won MW and Mutual won MS and recently Philippines beauty won MI and ME all were beautiful and deserving of winning. This time Pia will win and bring the MU crown home to Philippines. Philippines will have their third win and I will love to this this beauty win. Pia is picture perfect and very photogenic. Any outfit looks great on her. I wish her all the best in winning MU.

  2. Many Indian fans love Pia and are betting on her to win MU. Why bcoz all can see that she is perfect. People who don’t like her are jealous of her perfect beauty

  3. swimsuit photo please! and why compare her with Janine’s body? Did Janine win Miss Universe? NO! and Janine’s body still not in the best form during MU2012!