England [Big4 rank No. 33] and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [Big4 Rank No. 17] are getting some sort of renaissance these days. And to think that most of us missosologists already considered that pageantry has barely a heartbeat in these parts of the world!


In 2013, England, which competes at Miss Earth and Miss World, got a top 10 placement at the latter. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which competes at Miss Universe as Miss Great Britain and at Miss International as Miss United Kingdom, also got a Top 10 finish at the former. [Just in case, England is part of United Kingdom, but you know that]


With so many gorgeous British and English girls are flocking to the Big4 pageants, it will be a golden age once again for England and Britain. In the 60s and the 70s, their beauty reigned supreme and they had a strong sash back then. But as the economic conditions in the UK began to improve, women found better opportunities elsewhere making beauty pageants a not-so-attractive platform to foray in other fields. But with the Top Ten finish of Kirsty Heslewood at Miss World 2013 and of Amy Willerton at Miss Universe 2013, it is now the time for other nations to ring some alarm bells. The British are, indeed, coming!