written by Titan Missosology
The journey to the crown was never fascinating…

By far one of the most superlatives batches in 2000’s and the money that Femina and Times Group have invested is fortune!

Right from the regional contests and their crowning to the main pageant and the new crowns – everything is magnanimous!! One of the grandest affair, even more spectacular than some of the minor International pageants is awaited on March 28th when the winners of Femina Miss India will be crowned. With an array of sponsors and event producers, expect a glittering starry night.

To quickly recap, on March 25th, sub-contest ceremony was organized which was judged by:

Gavin Miguel – Fashion Designer
Vikram Bawa – Official Photographer for Miss India 2015
Dino Morea – Model, Actor and Producer
Falguni & Shane peacock – International Fashion Designers

Among the important sub-contests were Vartika Singh – Miss Photogenic, Deeksha Kaushal – Miss Timeless Beauty, Pranati Prakash – Miss Talent, Diksha Singh – Miss Best Body.

We had an extremely hard time to come up with the winner’s circle. Almost 10 stunning and talented girls can compete in any major International competition and at least place among the semi-finalists with no preparation. Among them are 5 absolutely breath-taking beauties who can just reach as high as Top 5 or even win it all. They are so polished and prepared already that India is ready to take dominate the pageantry once again and re-claim it’s Major Powerhouse status with this batch.

Here is the panoramic review of all the 21 girls of Femina Miss India starting with the goddess and predicted winner of the main crown – Miss India World 2015 who will represent India at the Miss World 2015.


The discovery of 2015! Have I seen someone as gorgeous as her since major goddess Celina Jaitley represented India at International Pageant? The answer is NO! A women with ethereal beauty and everything to perfection. She is a modern day Indian woman with loads of beauty, grace and elegance. She is a true successor of Koyal Rana, who brought India so much pride and honor by grabbing the Miss Asia title at the Miss World 2014 contest at London last year. Deeksha is indeed a timeless beauty and the International critics are already going ga-ga over her. With towering 178 cms height and vital statistics that read 36 – 26 – 36, Deeksha has great body and a height that gives her an edge to her overall personality. Her articulation is thoughtful, concise and impactful. She can absolutely be an ambassador for Miss world organization without a doubt and be universally acclaimed for her captivating charm and beauty. Her fashion sense is just immaculate and her comfort with the camera is a great advantage to her. She reminds me a lot of current Miss World – Rolene Strauss. Deeksha is just custom made for ethereal beauty type of Miss World and she is surely ought to do India proud this year. Plot twist – Femina sends her at Miss International to get the elusive crown that India is waiting for ever since.


The quint essential diva of Miss India 2015. Aditi Arya is a true beauty with brains. An analyst at Ernst and Young, social activist who’s communication head of NGO – Protashan and the tallest contestant of Miss India 2015. This beauty long legs is just freshness overload. She looks amazing in candids and glam goddess in make-up. A very unconventional India beauty by global standards but she truly represents Indian charm and new age ultra glamorous Indian women who are unstoppable just like her! She can just demolish the competition at Miss International with her beauty and spunk. She has a great fashion sense and meets all the requirements of Japanese beauty standards. And she is amazingly telegenic! That’s all – I’ll see you after the crowning!


If beauty pageants judged only pure beauty, Vartika could just win any competition not in the world but Universe. You can keep staring at her mesmerising face all day and still won’t get tired. Rightly crowned Miss Photogenic, Vartika is pure charmer. Surprisingly, she resembles a lot like Miss Grand International and she fits the bill perfectly for India to grab the crown this year with her. Miss Grand International looks for angelic beauties with great bodies. With the face that could launch thousand ships, she is much appreciated globally and is already touted as favorite to win Miss India World crown. If only she had better oration skills, she would have given almost impossible to judge type situation on March 28th. Her profile is outstanding, being a health policy advisor to Indian state government and impressive finish at last year’s Miss Diva, Vartika will remain the sentimental favorite of mine and I’d really prefer her at Miss Universe than just minor pageant. But, she is surely going to make waves, regardless of any contest and I am thrilled to see her shine at the finale.


After leading the Missosology 2nd hot picks and proving her merit by winning the most sub-contests including the Miss Talent, I am sure Pranati is not going to settle for less. A true representation of an Indian girl who has the will to go out and make her mark be it beauty pageants or fashion designing or sports or talent. A great speaker who is registered so well in pictures, that I will be happy if she beats the heavy favorites and takes the top plum. This stunning girl has it all. If she doesn’t win any crown, I would definitely want her to come back and participate in Miss Diva because this girl can represent India and a girl like her is meant to make waves Internationally. She could just bring the lost glory at Miss Universe or a repeat at Miss Supranational or second crown at Miss Earth (if Femina retains the franchise). Pranati you will be the official charmer of this edition of Miss India.


One of the silent-killers of the competition, Rakshita has managed to emerge as one of the dark horses of the competition. Her dusky beauty with sharp features is along the likes of Natasha Suri, Nicole Faria and Noyonita Lodh. I am still in awe with her glamshot! It’s so high quality that given the raw beauty she is, with few months of training she can actually be a potential crown contender at International pageants that value facial beauty and model-ish personality as their crowning criteria. Rakshita is such an interesting face and personality that it was hard to keep her out of the Top 5. However, the competition is so fierce any of the following 5 girls can steal her spot.

So close yet so far! But these girls have potential to turn the competition upside down and grab the spots from the front-runners. Although listed as girls with a Top 10 placement, the following 5 girls are in true sense competitors to the highest strengths and in true way molded the course of the competition batch from great to superb!



Aafreen is one of the most talked about girls and has everything to be among the winners circle. She is among the tallest girls and with a super model body, she is just taking the competition to another level. Fenian has grown so much with girls like Aafreen, which reminded me of 2013 and 2014 competition when barely 2-3 girls passed a decent body. And this year, it’s just the opposite. Aafreen also competed in New Zealand’s Next Top Model and that itself speaks volume of her profile.

Aishwarya on the other hand, is one of the prettiest and also an amazing singer. She is very photogenic and telegenic and this could totally work in her favor. Only if she had more mass and not chicken legs, she would have been a front runner for the main title. Nevertheless, she is definitely one of the better girls and I am happy she is doing great so far!

Tanya, goddess like face but the worst body of the competition. Such a shame that she did not take the contest seriously which otherwise could have been among the Top 5 girls. There are many deserving girls than her but she found her place because of incredible personality and superlative beauty which scores much more in terms of overall contest. If she ever decides to join Miss Diva or give another try to Miss India, I’d strongly advice her shed 10 lbs and take the competition very seriously. Girls like her who are crown caliber, take it very lightly and result either in Amruta Thaper, Ekta Chouwdary or Naveneet Singh when sent to International competition. Pull your stockings up and say bye to your thunder thighs. And see where I place you in my hot picks!

Apeksha Porwal, one of the most impressive profiles and performer of the competition. On the contrary to Tanya, girls like her make be feel optimistic about Indian pageantry that it is going places and picking up not only among the pretty ones but also the career oriented woman who wants to re-define the concept of beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she is part of Top 5 for the sole reason that she has a lot of inner substance and character to herself.

And the most popular girl among the all – Rewati Chetri who is an Indian barbie will mostly get Miss Multimedia award and sneak into the Top 10. A very well deserved because her type of beauty is not much appreciated in India which is a shame because she is a symbolic beauty of all the North-East states of Indian sub-continent.




At least 5 girls from these are capable of even ending up in top 5. Best Body awarded – Diksha, Miss Talent – Medhika, Miss Rampwalk – Sushrii, and Miss Active – Sushruti, are also important sub awards these girls won. You cannot ignore these girls but just hope they don’t steal the thunder by playing devils of the competition. Sushrii is my top pick among this lot who could end up hurting someone really badly in terms of placements. She has been incredible throughout this 4 weeks and a loyalist to Femina. Chahat and Minash have also grown tremendously from their Miss India stint. Sushruti is another girl that I am keeping an eye on, her face and personality is very ideal for pageants. Akanksha and Naveli has very impressive resumes to match. Ruchira has been very consistent throughout the contest along with Meghna Mittal who reminds me a lot of Manasi Moghe. Not only they have same first and last initials but same body and face type. Overall, I am just taxed by arranging and re-arranging these girls going back and forth of my overall rankings. But, one thing is pretty evident, this batch is going down in the history as one of the most prolific batches and I really hope that best one wins!


Special thanks to SANTI MENdbER for graphics!