Why are Filipinos outraged that Catriona Gray didn’t win the Miss World 2016 title?

An emotional Catriona Gray hugs the Philippine flag after the Miss World 2016 competition.

In the aftermath of Miss World 2016, both the Filipino fans and the Miss World Organization are victims of the circumstances. There is no solid evidence that the victory of Stephanie del Valle was fraudulent or manipulated but in the view of Filipinos, there was gross injustice. The Miss World Organization could probably be perplexed as of now as to why the social media exploded with such outrage from Filipino fans.

Catriona was a very strong delegate from the start and it was largely because of her hard work and dedication.

Scratching at the surface, Filipinos seems to be sourgraping. One newspaper in Puerto Rico wrote an article that accused the Filipino fans of being happy with victory but not so gracious in defeat. CLICK HERE https://www.metro.pr/pr/entretener/2016/12/20/desatados-fans-filipinos-coronacion-p-r-miss-mundo.html


Los certámenes de belleza han tomado mucho auge en los pasados seis años entre los fanáticos de Filipinas. Si ganan son los más felices del mundo, pero si pierden los comentarios en contra de la miss que saborea la victoria son incontables.


Translation: Beauty contests have been booming in the past six years among Filipino fans. If they win they are the happiest in the world, but if they lose the comments against the winner are countless.

A lot of online chatter claim that Catriona has been style to imitate Miss World 2013 Megan Young – from her gown to her hairstyle.

This is actually an oversimplification of the Filipino outrage against the results of Miss World 2016. The online outburst that was seen recently was nowhere to be found in last year’s Miss World and the year before that. The fact that Filipinos accepted the results of Miss World 2014 and Miss World 2015 negates the claim that they are vicious at defeat. There must be something about Miss World 2016 that they took issue with.

Catriona wrote this in her Instagram account "The question most of you are asking is if I’m okay and I can securely say that I am. Miss World was never just a beauty contest to me. The crown represented a journey, one that grew from being an independent endeavor to one that became more than me. A journey that rallied the support of my countrymen. A journey that forced me to look into myself and discover what I was made of. A journey that found its heart in the children in one of the poorest slums in my country. Yes, the crown represented a journey… until I realized that the journey could continue and exist without it. I truly believe that God always knows what’s best and I trust in his plan and perfect timing.”
Catriona wrote this in her Instagram account “The question most of you are asking is if I’m okay and I can securely say that I am. Miss World was never just a beauty contest to me. The crown represented a journey, one that grew from being an independent endeavor to one that became more than me. A journey that rallied the support of my countrymen. A journey that forced me to look into myself and discover what I was made of. A journey that found its heart in the children in one of the poorest slums in my country. Yes, the crown represented a journey… until I realized that the journey could continue and exist without it. I truly believe that God always knows what’s best and I trust in his plan and perfect timing.”


Before delving deeper, it is important to accept the fact that this year’s Philippine delegate at Miss World, Catriona Gray, was a superior candidate. In fact, she was the predicted winner of many beauty pageant related websites. Her hard work and dedication can’t be denied and her various placements at the crucial contests from multimedia to talent all indicated that she could at least place at the top three.


Given the strength of Catriona as a candidate, the surprising high placement of Indonesia and the unexpected victory of Puerto Rico, Filipinos have a bone to pick with the Miss World organization. It doesn’t help that the judging panel includes a Puerto Rican and an Indonesian with very strong ties to their respective national organizations.

Catriona has this message to all of her fans: "Where will my journey take me next? That’s yet to be discovered but I am honored to have been able to represent my country on the world stage, to capture hearts all around the world and to make you all proud. Keep your torches burning. Mine is burning stronger than ever.”
Catriona has this message to all of her fans: “Where will my journey take me next? That’s yet to be discovered but I am honored to have been able to represent my country on the world stage, to capture hearts all around the world and to make you all proud. Keep your torches burning. Mine is burning stronger than ever.”

The Miss World Organization has been put into an awkward situation and was a victim of the circumstances. If the judging panel had been different and if the Philippines was represented by some regular girl, there wouldn’t be any question about how worthy Stephanie del Valle is to become Miss World. The issue has been more about ignoring a very strong candidate rather than on whether the winner is truly worthy or not.


In the psyche of an average Filipino fan, Miss World has been unfair to them. It is not a coincidence that Miss Universe is by far more popular than Miss World in the Philippines. Digging deeper, the animosity dates back in 1973 when Evangeline Pascual won as first runner-up to Marjorie Wallace. Marjorie was later stripped of her Miss World title and an unverified story has it that when Evangeline was offered with the crown, she refused, claiming that she had been the true winner all along. While this story lingered in the minds of the Filipino fans, the official version is that the Miss World 1973 title was never offered to Evangeline.


It also didn’t help that since then, the Philippines posted victories in other major pageants but not at Miss World. In 1993, Filipino fans were aghast that Ruffa Gutierrez was defeated by Lisa Hanna and Palesa Mofokeng. It is still a fresh memory that Filipino TV viewers can only shake their head as Ruffa, a well-known local actress, were defeated by what they believe to be mediocre opponents. Some even claimed that it was a case of reverse racism in post-apartheid South Africa.


Before Megan Young was crowned in 2013, Filipinos have resigned to the urban legend that they will never ever win a Miss World crown. Interestingly, in 2011, Gwendoline Ruais almost took home the elusive blue crown but there was no uproar among the Filipinos because they knew Ivian Sarcos, the eventual winner from Venezuela, was really worthy of her victory.


The grievances of Filipinos against Miss World is not without basis and is rooted in their awkward relationship with the pageant. There were attempts to bring the excitement and prestige of Miss World to the Philippines back in 2014 but it never came into fruition because of lack of support. Now imagine what it feels like for the Miss World Organization to see Filipinos this year welcoming Miss Universe with open arms by agreeing to host the latter’s 65th edition.


Whether these are all legitimate complaints or these are all just rubbish whining, the truth is, questioning the results of Miss World is not unique to Filipinos. Mexicans took up arms online after Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar defeated Mexico’s Perla Beltran. Some of them even falsely posted in the forum that Kaiane had nude photos. Even in pre-internet era, there were protests about the results of Miss World too! In 1970 people believed Marjorie Christel Johansson of Sweden should have won instead of Jennifer Hosten of Grenada. Like this year, it didn’t help back then that Grenadian – their First Minister in fact – sat as one of the judges.


For Filipinos to question the results of Miss World 2016 should be thus understandable. This does not give them however the unlimited freedom to disparage the winner or even the other delegates. They must also understand that the results are final and nothing that they can do or say can change it. It was Madam Morley herself who read the results, not Steve Harvey.


Airing your grievances is okay but as it drags on, it is simply crying over spilt milk. Filipinos risks of further alienating Miss World if they will continue their complaints some even resorted to a form of online tantrum. Catriona is truly a rare gem but there is no point in harming the chances of future Miss World Philippines just because of her. In short, it is now time for them to move on and look forward on what 2017 might bring.



  1. This article needs to be fact-checked. This is NOT the first time that Filipinos act like such sore losers. They did the same thing this year when their candidate didn’t win Miss Grand International even though their candidate was subpar at best. Furthermore, this article mentions that Filipinos distrust the Miss World pageant. Well, they were trying to win their second crown in 3 years, and Megan Young, has hosted the pageant ever since she gave up the crown. Some people would argue that the Filipinos are actually being favored. How do you think Puerto Rican’s felt about this pageant when they hadn’t won in 41 years? You really think Puerto Ricans felt favored by the Miss World Organization?

    You guys need to get a grip. You can’t win every single pageant, every year. Moreover, the Philippines has been doing well since 2010, but let’s remember that from 2000 until 2009 they went unplaced in Miss Universe. Those years could easily come back and they’d be wishing for a Top 5 finish, which right now has them up in arms crying foul. Perspective is everything. I normally root for the Filipino contestants. Not anymore. The butt hurt and childish behavior from the Filipino fans let me know that they do not deserve my support.

    • It is not a matter of winning , its about a fair competition, everybody’s knows that philippines are keeps on winning. Miss philipines is working hard for miss world 2016 . Dont be blind you know how does the miss world 2016 final show going on. It is not good to see some of the national director being involve in show, absolutely shameful act and unfair to all national director of each country. I understand your sentiment of the outrage feeling of the filipinos, its maybe because your one of them really envy of philippines why they
      constantsly won…

      • why dont filipinos send one too then?. like hell you do know their standards. I heard philippines is a land of smiles, but it turns out questionable. “one of them really envy of philippines why they
        constantsly won…” this assumption reflects you’re full of pride. that’s why you’re so butt hurted once you fell down. nvm tho. lots of gamers here in china are aware that pinoys are ignorance, you’ll just wearing yourself out just to talk to them heart to heart. cheers

        • That’s the danger of the Internet. People tend to generalise other people and some are even able to spread lies online. Oh, by the way, it’s Thailand that’s called the Land of Smiles.

  2. “If the judging panel had been different and if the Philippines was represented by some regular girl, there wouldn’t be any question about how worthy Stephanie del Valle is to become Miss World.”
    Miss Dominican republic was also not a regular girl….nor Miss Indonesia or for that matter miss kenya…… nor our own Indian contestant. what does the writer want to convey? was Miss Philippines twice blessed to be in the pageant?

    • You have to read with better comprehension dude and with lesser hate. The writer simply meant that the Filipinos are aware of how good their rep Catriona is, without reference or comparison with the other semi finalists. That had we sent someone not of her caliber it would’ve been easier for us to accept that she didn’t even get a place in the top 3. As simple as that. Omg.

      • there s nothing called hate sweety. just relax. filipinas have always been my best friends and I keep my eyes open to see how Pilifines will be placed. I almost thought it would win MW and MU at the same year…… just that the article exudes more arrogance at times…. u do need to read it thru.

        • I understand. Thank you. Perhaps it’s really tough to break away from subjectivity when it comes to competition. Sometimes i also wish there was no comment section for people to express their views as differing views more often than not lead to misunderstandings and, in worse cases, these differences in views fan hatred. It’s very sickening.

  3. Ellos hacen un daño a su país y a sus candidatas. Han creado antipatía hacia ellos porque todo lo quieren ganar, sólo ven virtudes en las de ellos y no ven los méritos y virtudes de las demás. Aparte hacen pedazos a quien les gane. Una reina es una combinación de muchas cosas. Pienso que el arreglo de la filipina pudo ser mejor, y aparte leí que esa contestación fue casi la misma que dio en su certamen nacional, creo que eso no la ayudo en nada! Stephanie es bella, dulce, reflejaba pura frescura y su respuesta fue excelente y precisa. Llevábamos 41 años, muchos de ellos con excelentes candidatas que ni incluían en el top y no nos hemos puesto con esas pataletas y actitudes de niños malcriados. Esas chicas no tienen la culpa, espero que todas tengan mucho éxito.

    • Ellos creen que tiene que ganar todos los reinados sera que ellas son las unicas mas bellas del mundo que gente esta deverian de preocuparse mejor de la pobreza que hay aya y no de reinados por dios

      • Si usted estará de nuestro lado, entendería que el resultado no es justo debido a los dos directores nacionales que se sientan como jueces en las finales. No me diga que su Director Nacional eligió a otra candidata para ser la ganadora de Miss Mundo 2016. ¡Debe haber elegido a su propia chica!

          • No hay necesidad de chupar. No soy como un idiota como tú que envía un director nacional para favorecer a tu propia chica. Paz y amor también!

    • Nobody says or thinks so. Oh well, at least we know your standards. Oh, and anyway, you can have the world. the universe belongs to us. Wink wink.

        • It’s actually more of questioning. If you have common sense you should now that Philippines and Kenya should have placed better than at least Indonesia. But oh well, never mind. At least we know the possibilities in Ms World especially when it comes to standard. Perhaps it’s just a case of expecting too much from MWO. We know better now and i personally hope Ms Philippines doenst send rep to Ms World anymore. Just a case of different values I guess. Oh and please rest assured that we didnt take it against Ms Puerto Rico. We wish her all the best in her reign. We also wish for the best that MWO deserves, whatever that is. Cheers and happy holidays fron the Philippines!😊

          • I was not a judge and I accept the results. Don’t try edging on Kenya because had she won you’do still complain. KENYAe xpressed herself most effortlessly in top 5 but I don’t see them complaining. You can hope the Philippines stop sending reps to MW but it’s not your call to make. And even if your country withdraws from future editions the show will go on. So…

            YOU Filipinos are sore losers.

          • Well you don’t have the right to be a judge because you hold a grudge against us. Putting someone like you in the judging panel is like repeating the MW2016 formula.

            As for Kenya not complaining about the results, perhaps they just don’t express it in online or in English or perhaps they aren’t as passionate as the Filipinos when it comes to beauty pageant or probably not to the same degree as how you seem to hate Filipinos.

            You call us sore losers because you dont understand where we come from. We had also lost many times just like your country had but we wouldnt complain if we thought the winners were deserving and the judging was done as it was supposed to be. We are loving and gentle people but we are fierce when we sense injustice against our own. Perhaps that cannot be said of you and your people but it doesnt mean we are sore losers. In fact we wouldnt be so unhappy had Kenya won because her answer, for us, was as good if not better than that of the Philippines. Brought us back to 1999 when Philippines lost to Botswana after the final Q&A. We immediately came to terms with the results because it was fair. They were to be assigned placement based on their answers and that’s exactly what happened.

            So coming back to MW, we have no choice but to move on. It’s just a competition. It just so happened that collectively we knew how deserving of a better placement our candidate was. If some of our people are too harsh with their criticisms, please bear with them. I know that other nationalities are just as guilty if not worse.

            We also know that MW will of course go on without Ms Philippines but our intention if we dont send rep anymore isnt to cause the pageant to stop but just to concentrate on pageants that we deem as more credible and therefore more worthwhile. MWO will certainly not mind and Philippines should be alright, so it’s good riddance for both sides.

          • how’s phillipines prior to winning Miss Universe? is it good now? or still lots of human rights ijury?. How’s Pia doing? does she voice those put in jails like animal just for drugs? does she fight for their rights and get them treated humanly?. even your president doesn’t know how to respect his citizens, just plain as day how pinoys do not want to respect others just to defend their pride.

          • Our national affairs are none of your business unless you’re from UN. If you’re from UN or a similar organisation, please channel your message or concern to the relevant agencies as is proper.

            As for Pia, i believe she’s doing her job well. So far i don’t hear any complaint from MUO about her reign. The crown did give her the power to influence and advocate certain causes but within the parameters of the MUO, at least for her entire reign. In case you arent satisfied with how she has been carrying their torch to shed their light on this world, or the universe rather, please feel free to relay your concerns to the MUO. Let me know if you need me to send you their web address. 😉😉😉

          • all countries are UN members so basically they are UN!! (good lord you are DUMB) and every time shit happens in your trashy country such as natural disaster, the UN members would come help and save your sorry arses!..you´d think you could survive without the help of those UN countries…where was MUO when your country went into shit? how much did MUO donated, did MUO send out any humanitarian assistance?

            what torch? look a the condition of you country…full of rats..i mean the human kinds..how is MUO or ms Pi gonna clean up the filth in you country?.they cant, most importantly MUO wont! coz they are no commercial values in helping those in need..even in your shity country.

            before you preach about world politics to others, get yourself educated about your own country first..obviously are you are ignorant about the issues that you think you are good at..stick to meaningless pageants.. leave the world politics to the educated people (aka non-filipinos)

          • well done, give it to them…btw, Pia is busy spreading her legs for fame! jumping from one bf to another. now she is after the car racer..very typical pinay..other MU winners would have kept it under-wrapped as it was more of personal matter and only revealed their relationship after their reign ended..but not for pinay..she loves to brag about her life..

          • Pia was (and is) busy hunting for a bf and waiting for movie offers..why could she want to be bothered by those useless kababayan back home? to her, those loser back home are just that…LOSERS.

          • I guess I’ll never get it. Where I’m from beauty pageant aren’t that serious. They are just that…pageants. You people must have a low self esteem if you feel so passionately that the placement in a major beauty pageant is of such importance.

            I’d go on and on with you but I’d rather discuss more important issues like how a Trump presidency will impact the world. Bye.

          • Yeah you wont get it. Anyway, i tell you what. You don’t go beauty pageant website because beauty pageant is just that… pageant. It’s not interesting and it’s not something that your country is fond of and it’s stuff only for people with low self esteem. Dunno why you’re in this website. Lol

            You want to talk about Trump’s impact to the world? Sure, let’s talk, i wont feign interest though so forgive me if i start yawning the moment you complete your opening statement. But not to worry, i wont put you down just because you have a weird inclination. Unlike you I am an open minded person.

          • pinoy have nothing to look forward to but pageants..just to divert their attention from the real problems their country is facing now ie street children, child prostitution, poverty, drugs, AIDS..filipno has won so many international pageants but none of those winners did something to address the problem their country is facing..they only use their country´s problems in pageants to get points and win the pageant and after their the winners search for “victims” for a free ride to the west world..you think those winners from filipin care about the problems in their country?..haha



          • A caveman that also be like you, haha why should we tag A sore loose, we have numbers of interational crown not like others country dont have even one.Thats why manny nationalities so much envy to filipino, just like you…

          • knock you self out…the rest of the world´s views on pinoy remain despite your country winning numerous “pageant titile” which are useless…and here i though i was going to be jealous of filipin for winning many recognition for its best in economy, best in education syste, best in social welfare, best in environmental management…but apparently they are only meaningless “pageant titles”…LOL..no one is jealous of the collection of your pageant crown pinoy..other countries have more important things to focus on! hahahah…GOSH PINOY, HOW DUMB CAN YOU PPL BE? NO COMMONSENSE AT ALL..

          • with all the wins, sashes and tiaras..and one thing remains: their third world mentality!..sad but true…

        • We feel bitter because for some valid reason, not like you enduring the feeling of bitterness toward filipino women why they are always placing on top 5 and some are winning almost in internatinal pageant of the world…

          • you feel bitter because others are better than your sore loser queen..get your head out of the clouds..if you want to win pageants all the time create a pageant with only your country as contestant..that will guarantee you 100% win all the time! hahah

          • Haha! Your stupid human being,catriona did not cry for her loss she cry for her fans down there because she loss. And catriona is above anyones else in that pageant, the worlds know that..your just one the trools in cybrspace suffering pain and enviosness to filipino candidates..

  4. Missosology should have written “Filipino fans” rather than generalizing to all Filipinos. This collective “outrage” is only imagined and amplified to sow controversy and win interest from readers. The huge majority of Filipinos like me didn’t even know about it until we’ve read about it. In my circle, no one bothers about MW- we didn’t watch it at home-didn’t even know or care what channel carried it- none of the people I know at work watched it. Never heard a comment about it in my daily converstations. Only the fanatics watch it and we get to read about it only on the Internet and some newspapers.

  5. Airing complaints against results will just alienate us from mwo and compromise our future chances in this pageant? This just shows how correct our assertions had been, that miss world organization had been led by persons with racist and biased streak.

    • I think it’s just a simple case of values conflict. Perhaps Philippine pageant fans don’t share the same values and standard as MWO. The best step moving forward is for Philippines to just stop sending rep to Ms World. This is to show respect to each other’s values.

  6. maybe miss world wants to teach filipinos what’s so called…. low profile? down to earth? or…. whatever. Gamers know pinoys’ true colors and MW want the world to know as well. simple.

  7. well, as for me, that’s it for Miss World. I will never, ever, ever, ever, get tricked or gulled by this internet voting thing or app whatever. Miss World is not a beauty pageant. It is a BWAP pageant that mediocre girls can place. Since 2001 there had been no winner of BWAP that went on to win the Miss World crown. The BWAP is only to give chance to girls with no facial beauty. A placement will suffice for any girls that is hungry to place. BWAP it is.

  8. why? coz pinoys are sore losers! there were many women in the past who had performed well in pageants but didn’t get the crown and they didn’t whine and cried and her fans went on witch hunting blaming the judges and organizer of rigging the pageant. they just got disappointed for a while and moved on with their lives..so this sore loser and cry baby Catriobitch was over confident and overrated. she thought she was the best and when shit happened she got disappointed and cried..well, as many said, your torch got extinguished early..stop being a bitch and move on. the same goes to the sore loser fans..a new queen has been crown, nothing you can do about it now. sheesh..

  9. La presidenta del concurso Miss Mundo es una señora que castiga la deslealtad. Si los filipinos no contribuyeron a que el Miss Mundo se realizara en aquel país y el Miss Universo sí, ese pudo ser un elemento para no dar la corona a Miss Filipinas. Luego, si Miss Filipinas tenía la corona del Miss Universo, la sra Morley, no le iba a dar la de Miss Mundo. Igual retaliación ha hecho la sra Morley con las venezolanas. Ha descalificado a muchas representantes, porque no le envían la Miss Venezuela titular. Aún así, Venezuela es el país que cuenta con más ganadoras en el Miss Mundo. Es mejor que los filipinos sean cautelosos con la sra Morley para el futuro, por las razones señaladas.

  10. The article was well-thought. The thing here is that the Filipino fans won’t even watch the Miss World Philippines anymore since it would just be a waste of time for the eventual Miss World Philippines winner to participate in the Miss World pageant when her chances of winning can be manipulated by the same organization which has mounted the event year after year.

  11. Why are Filipinos outraged that Catriona Gray didn’t win the Miss World 2016 title?..because pinoys are A BUNCH OF SORE LOSER, BUTT HURT SON OF A BITCH!..NEXT!…