Thailand’s Channel 3 censored Megan Young’s cleavage


Miss World 2016 co-host (and a Miss World herself) Megan Young did admit that what she wore during the final telecast was a bit of a risqué. In her Instagram post, Megan described the dress as “a little more sexy than what I would usually wear…”

This is what the Thai saw when they tuned in for the Miss World 2016 pageant

Apparently, the dress was indeed a little more sexy according to Thailand’s Channel 3 which broadcasted the Miss World 2016 pageant in this Far Eastern kingdom. So sexy that the editors decided to blur out Megan Young’s cleavage!

Megan’s dress sans the pixelated area


Thailand might be an open and tolerant country but its television is pretty much conservative and are adverse to displaying too much flesh. Interestingly, while the awkward pixelated area keeps on following Megan Young, TV3 was completely oblivious to the plunging neckline of the winner, Stephanie del Valle of Puerto Rico.

Some in the social media called out TV3’s hypocrisy with some saying that the TV station’s actions are completely ignoring the reality on the ground.

So what do you think about Megan Young’s dress? Was the censorship of TV3 justified or not?

Stephanie del Valle’s dress had a plunging neckline too but TV3 did not blur it out




  1. Filipino fans were really outraged of the results of the recent Miss World beauty pageant because there really are valid reasons to gripe about. Let the scorecards of the Puerto Rican and Indonesian judges out and show it to the public to clear everything once and for. If it turns out fair then all will just have to come to rest. Otherwise, it would remain a big black eye to the integrity of the Miss World organization.

    • Come On!! Filipinos are not attractive at all, they are extremely fanatics of beauty contestants and it means $$$ for the organisations MW and MU, that’s why they place them year by year on the competitions. I cannot understand their attitude. I can see where they’re coming from and I have nothing but the strongest words for them. But for Filipinos to feel offended by real beauty victory? That’s pathetic and beneath

      • For your eyes only filipinos were not attractive at all, your just a pathetic being person your heart and mind full of envy of miss philippines . And beside who are you? You are nothing to filipino youd dont even exist to our mind so get lost…

      • So you think you can bring us down with such comments? You think you can just discredit our queens’ past achievements by your malicious rantings? Dream on. We know we are an open target and we can live with that. But cowards like you just hide behind your usernames in cyberspace firing muds anonymously. I’d rather have this “ugliness” that has been deemed crown-worthy rather than your facelessness that is lost in limbo. So which loser country are you from ms/mr bitter daryl martin?

      • and Miss USA 2016 is attractive? Miss India 2016 is attractive? Miss Colombia 2016 is attractive with her fake nose? and the least goes on. lol

      • When MW Philippines 2014 and 2015 did you see us complain? Nope. Didn’t think so. Our representative for 2016 is just too good for us not to support and we are very critical in looking at the pageant generally. When a national director and relatives sit on the judging panel no matter what country she comes from, you’ll know something’s cooking. Just admit you’re jealous of the Filipino candidates because we place and win with merit. Our girls don’t need to sleep with or have under the table shenanigans with the judges to secure a spot in a beauty pageant. At the end of the day, those jealous people are the losers. Bye.

  2. Filipinos seems to forget that in pageants hosted by The Philippines and with several filipino judges The Philippines has won several times…….. It is a bit deluded.

    Countries like The Philippines and Thailand etc has huge problems with poverty etc but their channels main issue is a plunging neckline.