A back to back win at Miss International is yet to happen and although there were 5 close calls, the current trend is that whichever country won last year, they never made it to the semis the following year. Miss International Indonesia Vania Herlambang is unfazed with all challenges and she’s highly optimistic and believes every Miss International 2018 contestant has an equal chance to win. We recently got a chance to talk with Vania and she’s confident and composed all throughout. Check out our exclusive interview with Vania.
1.) How are you preparing for the upcoming Miss International 2018 pageant?
Miss International is one of the oldest beauty pageant in the history and all contestants who will be sent to this pageant must be the best representative from each country. Therefore, I should intensively equip myself with personal development trainings such as public speaking, catwalk and photoshoot session. Not only that, I also had sharing session with my predecessors, such as Felicia Hwang and Kevin Liliana and they transferred all knowledge they had during their competition. Their experiences will make me easier to get the clear description about the pageant and ready to arrange and run the strategy to compete.

Vania Herlambang

2.) Which particular place in Japan you would like to go and why?
Indonesia and Japan are both archipelago countries. There are some attractive destinations to be visited. But if I have a chance, then I will choose to visit Kyoto. Because Kyoto offers one-stop Japan experience and well-known for its traditional culture, history and beauty nature scenery.
3.) The reigning Miss International Kevin Liliana is from your country. Can you feel some pressure since back to back wins are quite rare?
I personally cannot deny the fact that maintaining is always harder than achieving. And it is not easy to bring back something exactly the same as before. But again this is a competition. The most important thing I should do right now is trying all the best I have inside and spreading positive influence to all. Because I believe that every delegates in Miss International has the same opportunity to win.
4.) Who among the Miss International winners do you admire the most and why?
I admire Kevin Liliana because she is very humble, kind, helpful, and adaptive to any situation and condition. And her characters I mentioned above are how a Miss International should be. So no wonder that she brought home the crown of Miss International 2017 and also achieved a great milestone in the history of Indonesian’ pageant.
Vania Herlambang
Vania Herlambang
5.) If you will become the Miss International winner what will be your advocacy?
With my background as a chemical engineer, there are two main issues I want to internationally advocate. Those are gender equality and cross-cultural understanding. The simple way to understand about gender equality is the same opportunity we can get between men and women in many sectors, like education and career. Still in some countries we can find out barrier for women to get higher education or be what they want.
This issue can be simultaneously solved by having a joint campaign with cross-cultural understanding. These two issues actually have a kind of same root cause that is the lack of basic ability to recognize, learn and dully treat other people. When two genders start to understand each others’ rights, then we can apply this value as well to tolerate and understand other cultures.
6.) What’s your beauty secret?
I don’t have any secret because I personally believe in internal beauty. I just do healthy lifestyle like drink enough water, eat healthy food and go exercising to keep the body shape. Furthermore, I would rather to have skin care than make-up, because skin care is long lasting and make-up is temporary. If you have healthy skin, then less make-up you will need. And the most important thing is always be true to yourself because you will always be you and you should be stand out as you.
7.) What is your favorite food and why?
I like to eat food that is rich of taste. And I can find it in Indonesian and Japanese food. Usually I go to Japanese restaurant with family or friends and we put sushi, tempura, donburi, teppanyaki, okonomiyaki on the food order list. I can’t wait to be in Japan because I want to explore the original Japanese culinary.
8.) Describe your fashion sense.
I’m a casual person so it is not hard for me to wear any kind of fashion. Beside that I am not a 100% fashion trend follower. For me, as long as we feel comfortable with it, then we can wear it, still we need to have mix and match sense. But if I have to choose then my go-to fashion style is shoulder-off tops and cullotes.
Vania Herlambang
Vania Herlambang
9.) If you were to choose your evening gown, what color would it be and why?
I will choose a color that matches my skin because I want to shine on stage. For the actual color, let’s wait for it. But I can promise you that my evening gown will be amazing and still reflects the true beauty of Indonesia.
10.) Finally, a message to all of your fans at Missosology.
I would like to thank you all for being with my journey to Miss International 2018. Your advices are totally welcomed because I need them all to improve myself day by day. Let’s stand together to spread love internationally.
Missosology wishes Vania all the best at Miss International 2018. Special thanks to Mega Angkasa for facilitating the interview.