Check out our exclusive interview with Jessie Llanes Tøttrup. She is this year’s representative of Denmark at the Miss United Countries pageant.


  1. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
    I often start my day out by dancing or singing.
  2. How would you describe Denmark to your fellow contestants?
    I would describe Denmark as a country that you will never get bored in. We are a small country but a people with big hearts and imagination. They’re many ‘’must see’’ in Copenhagen and there is a style for everyone. The best thing is that you can see it all in one day. Denmark is a place worth visit and I would love to show my fellow contestants around some time!
  3. What is your beauty Secret?

My secret to beauty is to nourish myself both mentally and psychically so I can be the happiest and healthiest version of myself. I will never stop investing in a healthy lifestyle and it is also biologically proven that our feelings affects our health. I do yoga and make sure to work my body and get my blood circulating. I do not eat veggies all the time. I love cake and I honestly eat it whenever I want. The most important thing is that I feel good in my own body and soul because I think the most precious accessory a woman can have to be beautiful is her true smile and believing that she is beautiful.


  1. What would you say about the women’s role in the history of your country?
    I couldn’t be more thankful for the women of my country who fought a brave fight and is still fighting to achieve the rights and laws that we have today. Thanks to organizations and the unity of countries and nations we are able to affect each other with morals and prosperity. The best way that women can maintain to fight for our role is to become independent and take an education.


  1. What were your current preparations for your international competition?
    It is basic to prepare both mentally and psychically. I was able to learn more about myself, my fears and strengths to work on them and accept them. I cannot help being nervous when I go on stage so I was training to be myself and comfortable in those situations to fulfill the tasks and support the goals of the pageant. Miss United Countries is promoting the empowerment of women so I was in contact with organizations in Denmark and found a cause that I wanted to support to help promote the gender equality in my country. It was also important for me that I was in touch with sponsors I couldn’t prepare myself without them I am grateful them as friends and partners.


  1. Since when were you interested in pageants?
    Ever since I saw a picture of my mother competing in a local pageant on the Philippines I have always looked up to it. Since I was a baby my mom took me to visit our family in the Philippines it has been a tradition in the family to compete in Pageants. Two of my cousins has recently competed in Miss Ilocos Norte. I didn’t know I was ever going to be part of carrying out the family tradition but here I am on a wonderful journey.

  1. What makes you proud of being Miss United Countries Denmark 2017

I am proud of myself and what I have achieved as Miss United Countries Denmark. To be part of promoting the SDG’s to help the empowerment of women not only in my country but all over the world.

Both my grandfather and father has served the UN and fought for human rights. Everyone can contribute no matter what is the gender or profession and to be able to carry that out too as a woman in the family makes me feel very proud too.

  1. What would you say to other Danish girls that would like to participate in a beauty competition?
    I would tell every girl to follow her dreams and if her dream is to pursue pageants then I say go for it. For me it is a wonderful journey so far but also it is important to think about if you are studying if it’s the right thing for you. If you are a young girl always make sure to have your parents accept and advice in every situation. Overall competing in a beauty competing gives a lot of personal experience and I have overcome many of my fears.
  2. What qualities do you think will enable a Danish candidate at an international competition?

Qualities such as being openminded, to have social and cultural understanding are the key. Culture is almost everything around us. Every person’s core value is to love, be loved and wish to be accepted by one another. No matter where you are from we are all humans so if you are a loving, empathic and kind person with a pinch of curiosity that is all a Danish candidate need to add value to the international table.


  1. And finally a message to all your fans

I want to thank everyone, friends, sponsors, family and fans for all the love and support each one of you. So far I hope that my journey is far from over. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook page to see where I am headed. At last I hope that my answers could answer some questions out there either way you can always write me! xoxo

Photo credit: Kenneth Lundgreen Photography & Jessie Llanes
Special thanks to Missosology-Scandinavia correspondent Jesse Ambrosio for facilitating the interview