The 5’9″ beauty from Krapana will represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2022 pageant later this year. Arijana Podgajski is 19 years of age and an economic student in Zagreb. She listed yoga, walking and reading books as her hobby. She is a strong advocate of women’s rights, mental health and abandoned animals.

The pageant was held at the Emerald Hall of the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. A total of 13 contestants vied for the crown. Klaudija Krezić, a 23 year old beauty from Sesvetski Kraljevec, was hailed as first runner-up while the second runner-up was bestowed to Veronika Đerek who is 18 years of age.

Croatia started to participate at Miss Universe in 1997. Since then, it only managed to land at the Top 16 six times (2009, 2012, 2017) and in 2019, the country managed to make it to the Top 20. Croatia is currently ranked 80th at the Big5 Ranking.