Genesis Carmona, Miss Tourism Venezuela in Carabobo, appears to be one of the latest casualties of the escalating violence during protests in her country this week.
The beauty queen suffered a gunshot wound to the head according to several media reports, including “Venezuela al Dia”. At least 11 citizens had been injured as a result of the anti-government protests held February 18th in Caracas and other parts of Venezuela. Carmona was in Valencia when the tragedy occurred. It is the capital city of the State of Carabobo, and the third largest city in Venezuela, located in the north side of the country.
Carmona was rushed to the Centro Medico Guerra Mendez in Valencia, where El Universal reports seven other protesters were wounded by gunshots.
The injured were marching from Cedeño Avenue in Valencia to Plaza de Toros Monumental in the South of the city, which ended in clashes with pro-government protesters and police officials.
Genesis Carmona is not the first beauty queen who suffers as a result of street violence in the South American country. Monica Spear, Miss Universe Venezuela 2005, was earlier killed in a road side robbery.