Miss Namibia 2021 first runner-up Annerie Maré will represent Namibia at the 70th Miss World contest in Puerto Rico later this year, the Miss Namibia Organisation announced on July 12.

The 26-year-old from Kamanjab is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in counseling.

“I am extremely excited to present my beautiful country Namibia on a world stage. My heart cannot yet fathom this reality. I am truly thankful to be able to live out my passion and calling. I believe that perseverance pays off and this opportunity of a life time is also an opportunity for me to showcase to others that by leaning into your passion and working hard to bring forth tangible change you can make a difference in people’s lives,” Maré said.

As a Covid-19 survivor herself, Maré has led a Covid-19 awareness campaign. With the support of Mmyors, she has travelled to different regions, helped different facilities and brought hope to the communities.

Namibia has yet to win the Miss World crown. The country currently ranks 83rd in Missosology Big 5 Ranking. Missosology.Org; Photos from Annerie Maré’s Instagram