This year’s Miss World Philippines season is getting more exciting as the competition starts to heat up as the coronation night on July 25 draws nearer.

Despite the current set-up and limitations brought by the pandemic, 45 ladies are battling it out for the Miss World Philippines and Miss Supranational Philippines crowns, among other titles, in hopes of representing the country in the international arena.

But before the final showdown of beauty, wit and charm, here’s our First Hot Picks:

1 Janelle Lewis
2 Emmanuelle Vera
3 Tracy Maureen Perez
4 Ganiel Krishnan
5 Dindi Pajares

6 Kathleen Paton
7 Trisha Martinez
8 Joy Barcoma
9 Riana Agatha Pagindian
10 Anna Caress de Mesa

11 Michelle Arceo
12 Shalla Rebortera
13 Megan Deen Campbell
14 Pauline Robles
15 Gwendolyne Fourniol

16 Natasha Jung
17 Lea Macapagal
18 Asha Gutierrez
19 Samela Aubrey Godin
20 Divina Villanueva

21 Ruffa Nava
22 Donna Balaoro
23 Ria Angelique Siozon
24 Angelica Famorcan
25 Shannen Manzano