When Venus Raj landed at the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2010 pageant, some analysts would claim that it will not be repeated, at least in the near future. The good showing of the Philippines was just then a fluke for them because Venus was the center of attraction after the controversy surrounding her supposed dethronement.  In 2011, when Gwendoline Ruais landed as first princess at Miss World, it was again called a fluke with Filipinos even conceding that there is no way the Philippines will ever win the Miss World crown. The good placement of Gwendoline was simply called a “gift” for being first ever contestant of a separate Miss World Philippines pageant.


The succeeding years proved however that the Philippine victories are not merely flukes. Shamcey Supsup’s Top 5 finish in 2011, Janine’s first runner-up placement and finally Ariella Arida’s surprising 3rd runner-up position all proved that the Philippines is getting back to its golden years. Similarly, the Top 15 finish of Queenierich Rehman at Miss World 2012 and the victory of Megan Young this year proves that the Philippines is gaining strength at Miss World.


If those victories are not just flukes what are those then? Business? Politics? The analysis of Missosology shows that business and politics may play a role in there but it is largely both non-factors. First, there is a vast difference between the post and pre-2010 performance of the Philippines at Miss Universe. The contestants of the Philippines prior to Venus Raj lacks the necessary charisma and beauty to even just penetrate the semis. Just a quick look at some of the contestants prior Venus Raj shows that the Philippines has dramatically changed. Pamela Bianca Manalo in 2009 lacks definition in her body shape and her gown is generally bereft of any class (it looks plastic and did not fit her well).  In 2008, Jennifer Barrientos unfortunately does not know how to walk onstage and she lacks projection and personality. In 2007, Anna Theresa Licaros looks way too small and her beauty was too plain to compete with the world’s best.


Post 2010, the Philippine contestants began to show confidence and they shine most when it matters the most. Venus Raj’s 22-inch waistline was her advantage. Shamcey Supsup’s signature tsunami walk carried her through the tough competition. Janine’s good showing in both swimsuit and gown including her killer answer to final question did put her a few inches away from the crown and title. Meanwhile, Ariella Arida did shine in her yellow gown showing more curves and it made her look statuesque.


At Miss World, the country has finally managed to train a contestant specifically tailored for the pageant. This is the main reason why Megan Young was the best contestant that the Philippines has ever sent at Mis World. The country is poised to shine in the future editions of Miss World and will have a very slim chance of simply being ignored like in the previous years.


Of course, we have also taken into account the Miss International and Miss Earth pageants. The Philippines is relatively well in these two pageants because of its sash alone. At Miss International, the Philippines can boast 4 titles making it second to Venezuela in the number of titleholders. This alone carries a lot of weight. At Miss Earth, the Philippines enjoys the same position that the United States is enjoying at Miss Universe and that of Japan at Miss International.


Thus, the theories that the good placements of the Philippines are due to the fact that Donald Trump is building a Trump Tower in Manila and that the Philippines is paying more franchise fees are pure rubbish. The Philippines is now doing well in all Big4 pageants and the analysis of Missosology shows that the country is getting smarter in choosing its delegates and as well as in grooming and styling them. The reason why the Philippines is doing well these days at Big4 pageants is due to the fact that it is now entering once again in its golden decade like what happened in the late 60s until the 70s. It is undeniable that it is sending top notch delegates and that the momentum is truly helping the nation.