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Carmen Jaramillo

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The trends at Miss Earth 2015 now point to the possible victory of Miss Panama Carmen Jaramillo. I am saying this based on the number of medals she won and based on my observation that the organization really loves this girl. Add the fact that a former Miss Universe trained this lovely young woman.

Should Carmen win in December 5, it would be the third Big4 crown for her country and I would like to emphasize that it will be their second “real” victory. After all, Panama’s Miss Universe crown was won by default, and Lia Victoria Borrero’s win at Miss International 1998 was their first.

Carmen Jaramillo
Carmen Jaramillo

I am however very cautious in declaring that Carmen will indeed become Miss Earth 2015. Remember that last year, Miss Pakistan Shanzay Hayat topped the medal tally but she was nowhere to be found in the semifinalists. Also, my heart still bleeds for Tamerin Jardine of South Africa who took most of the medals in 2012 but she never progressed beyond the Top 8. Well in fact, the winner that year never won a gold medal!

So, what can we learn from the past regarding these rather absurd medal tallies? For one, the finals night really matters a lot for Miss Earth. The dynamics of the race can be altered drastically depending on what will happen during the finals. Simply put, the winner will be decided by the finals night judges – not beforehand – and I do hope that Carmen will deliver in the crucial swimsuit, gown and interview rounds.

Chavika Watrsang
Chavika Watrsang

Aside from Panama, I am keeping my eye on Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel. I strongly believe that this multilingual Hollywood actress and aspiring film director is the best from Asia, and is closely followed by Miss Thailand Chavika Watrsang. Chavika is one of the most consistent candidates this year and I hope she is well-prepared for the grueling final night competition.

Natividad Leiva
Natividad Leiva

Miss Brazil Thiessa Sickert is also a candidate that has a strong possibility of being in the Top 4. However, I would say that the second strongest Latina delegate in the competition is Miss Chile Natividad Leiva. My hunch is that Natividad will indeed become the second Miss Earth winner from Chile. She has all the characteristics of a Miss Earth winner and I think she is very much well prepared for the various rounds of the finals night.

From the African region, I see a semis spot for Miss Ghana Silvia Commodore. Not really a fan of Miss South Africa Carla Viktor but she has caught the attention of the Miss Earth organization so a semis finish is also very possible for her.

Among the Europeans, I would love to see Turið Elinborgardóttir among the semifinalists considering that the first-ever Miss Earth was from Denmark and it is the 15th year of the pageant. Aside from that, I think the exotic beauty of Turid – ethnic yet European – will inject some pizazz during the finals nights. The strongest among the Europeans though is Miss Ukraine Victoria Orel followed by Miss Austria Sophie Totzauer.

My final verdict? A Latina will win and it is getting more likely that it will be Miss Panama Carmen Jaramillo. However, should Miss Chile Natividad Leiva steal her thunder, that would hardly surprise me at all!

Written by Ric Galvez, founder and overall coordinator of Missosology.Org. You may e-mail him at


  1. You are correct Miss Earth 2015 will be either Panama or Chile my bet is Panama but Chile would also be a worthy winner.