1. POLAND – Ada Sztajerowska’s demure stance makes her such a humble host.  She does not overdo things, and she is always a standout despite her simple styling.  She is very beautiful, to begin with, and has an amazing body figure.  It can’t be denied that Poland has already mastered the Miss Supranational formula considering that it is homegrown, and Ada will surely make a great seventh Supra queen.  We love the fact that Ada also mingles with delegates from all regions, as evidenced by the photos available online.

2. AUSTRALIA – Christiana Fischer is getting noticed at the time when it is needed the most!  Her overall styling is one of the best among this year’s candidates, thanks to her mentors and supporters who are always there to give her advice.  Although many were disappointed that her captivating pink evening dress did not enter among the 10 best gowns, the fact that she made it to the 10 best bodies in swimsuit was good enough to compensate such disappointment.  Having worked with refugees, this multilingual and multicultural beauty really represents what an all-around Aussie girl is capable of!

3. JAPAN – Some pageant analysts compare the American-educated Mieko Takeuchi into Kurara Chibana when the latter competed at Miss Universe 2006.  With a weak sash, Kurara was not an early favorite, but during the final night, she zoomed her way to the top, and paved the way for Miss Universe to recognize the impact of “Japan” on world stage.  With great work ethics, Mieko can be a huge asset for Miss Supranational.  Riyo Mori, who was the successor of Kurara, has proven what an amazing Miss Universe she was.  Mieko is a product of the same system that produced the likes of Kurara and Riyo.

4. CANADA – One of the most beautiful faces this year, Siera Bearchell has the most mesmerizing eyes that we have seen recently in pageantry.  She has this universally appealing look, and is extremely photogenic. Surprisingly for Canada, she has a relatively strong social media support!

5. ECUADOR – Maria Emilia Cevallos is themost beautiful South American at this year’s competition.  Her look is very symmetrical, with virtually no bad angle.  If she wins, it will be the first for South America, and a great way to introduce the Miss Supranational brand name to that hemisphere.  Ecuador has a homegrown international pageant, Miss United Continents, so one can say that this country is really passionate with pageantry.

6. MEXICO – We missed her name both in the Best Evening Gown and Best Bodies Top 10, so we wonder what went wrong with Karina Martín Jiménez?  But don’t worry.  Many believe that the lists were just a way for Miss Supranational to divert the attention from the already perceived front runners, so it should not be a reason for total celebration or “panic attack”.  Karina will rock the stage on Friday night!
7. USA – Kelly Kirstey is the only red-haired delegate competing at Miss Supranational, so she is easily recognizable in group photos as well as in the indoor and outdoor activities.  But what makes Kelly special is her sweetness, and the fact that she is being managed by a reputable national director.  You can never go wrong with an American girl!
8. JAMAICA – This ebony beauty may just be the strongest black girl in the competition.  She has a heavenly stage presence.  No matter what she wears, and what color the dresses are, she shines through!  Regina Harding, the Jamaican, is expected to shine brighter!
9. CHINA – It is quite surprising that not so much fuzz is being said about this lovely Oriental beauty.  Some compares her facial beauty to Wen Xia, while others even argue that she is prettier.  Jiachang Song is one of the tallest delegates this year, and was crowned by Asha Bhat herself!  So, never underestimate her!
10. INDIA – Speaking of another tall Asian, Aafreen Vaz is the deal!  More than one billion Indians are rooting for her.  China may have more population as of now, but the pageant culture in India is much richer and riper than the former.  Indians are known for their beautiful and intelligent women, and Aafreen is one of them!
11. SPAIN – She has been caught several times with bad styling and unkempt hair.  So, despite leading the previous hot picks, Raquel went 10 notches down.  In beauty pageants, you just can’t let things pass with mediocre presentation.  It’s part of the competition to always look your best, and not just in the final gala.
12. PHILIPPINES – Rogelie comes from a country with a strong pageant culture, ultra-passionate fans and is backed by a great national organization.  Expect her to do magic on finals night, in the same way she carried her way to the top during her national pageant.
13. MALAYSIA – Tanisha may inherit the Best Smile award that her predecessor won last year!  She is very endearing and amiable, and that’s what we truly love about her!
14. INDONESIA – With a wonderful gown at the preliminary, and a great body to boot, Gresya deserves her hype.  Many even thinks that she is the best Indonesian delegate in an international competition.  If only she won the Miss Universe Indonesia crown…
15. KENYA – Margaret is such a lovely young African woman, with a beautiful smile.  She has a great body as well, having placed in the Top 10 Best Bodies.

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