Tsuyoshi Akaboya is Mister World Japan 2014



TOKYO – After a grueling screening process that took days and even weeks to decide, the ticket to Mister World 2014 from the Land of the Rising goes to the young lad from Tokyo, Tsuyoshi Akaboya (21).  He was declared Mister World Japan 2014.

Akaboya is a model who stands 189 cm tall.  He was appalled by the words of the famous actress Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, who once said that “In Africa, no children would commit suicide.  But lots of kids would die of hunger.”  These words were so piercing, that it moved Akaboya to start doing volunteer works.  In the international competition to be held next month, he promised to carry with pride his Japanese heritage, and to be able to help a lot of people through charity works.

His runners-up were actors Naoki Okada and Nobuaki Fujioka.

The new Mister World Japan was chosen by a panel of experts and Miss World Japan staff members, who grilled them with  qualifying events and evaluations that included English language skills, social rapport, sports and fitness, as well as checking their sincerity and dedication to promote a worthy cause.


1st Runner-up is Naoki Okada


2nd Runner-up is Nobuaki Fujioka