by Atheena

This is my fourth time following the Miss Russia pageant and this year’s batch is definitely one of the best. I’m just crossing my finger that this year’s result will not be a huge upset or a surprise just like the previous years. This year Miss Russia will have 20 semifinalist, 10 picked by the judges and 10 by internet voting so there’s a huge chance that some favorites will be left clapping behind. Despite of my busy schedule I still managed to find time and follow this pageant and some of the girls through VK and Instagram.

I must say that some Fadil shots are really deceiving as some girls look different in candids yet we can’t still deny the overload of gorgeous beauties this year.

This is just a short list of girls that I believe who deserves to be on the top and worthy of the crown.

And now the big question is – who’s the lucky girl that will wear the most expensive pageant crown in the whole world?


TYUMEN – Anna Puminova
Tyumen always bless us with gorgeous beauties. From the goddesses Ksenia Sukhinova, Alena Shishkova and Margarita Maslaikova now we have another Siberian goddess in the name of Anna Puminova. Her beauty is very exquisite, striking, modelesque and natural. Very likable. Young, fresh, sweet and very very charming! Cutesy goddess. I’m still hoping that Russia will make it right this time because this girl is worthy of an international crown. After blaspheming Alena & Margarita, I believe the Miss Russia Org still owes Tyumen a crown.


VLADIVOSTOK – Oksana Chizhov
My sentimental favorite for the crown :hx Oksana’s beauty is very divine and regal. Her fragile features makes her overall look more sophisticated and expensive. That long straight hair is a perfect fit on this beauty as it completed the mystical Snow Queen look. very classy! :!!


TATARSTAN – Dinara Akbasheva
Her facial bone structure is amazing. She sported a blonde hair during her regional pageant and I’ll say that she looked stunning both as a blonde and as a brunette. Her eyes are dazzling and very expressive as well. This type of beauty should compete internationally.


When I saw her crowning photos at her regional pageant I swear I really thought it’s Anna Zaiachkivska (Ukraine World ’13). Her styling and aura that night was perfect. She was glowing and very queenly! If she maintains that look during the final telecast I am not surprised if she win it all!


Maria’s eyes are very striking. Her stares are very alluring and expressive. @-) Channeling Olesia Stefanko. She looks equally beautiful in candids even with just minimal make up. Her vibrant and fun personality is a big plus for me =c3


ROSTOVSKAYA – Anastasia Kostenko
Those luscious lips are :hx I think she’s the type of girl that can pull both the fierce and sweet look. Her face is very charming and those eyes are magnetic! I’m rooting for her >=p
SARATOV – Maria Belonogova
The baby face of the competition. There’s a certain level of innocence in her which I find the most captivating. Very youthful and fresh beauty. A living baby doll 8->

ORENBURG – Ksenia Gegel
Very beautiful even without make-up on! Her beauty is very natural and serene. The only problem I see is that she looks too reserved and timid compared to the other girls #:-S


BALAKOVO- Yulia Aripova
This girl is beautiful but comes “vampirish” sometimes. #:-S She’s like an upgraded, prettier and mature version of Elmira Abdrazakova. She should smile more often to lessen the cold vibe aura. She’s more telegenic than photogenic basing on the videos posted by Miss Russia Org which I must say she got a lot of airtime compared to the other girls ;/)) . Although her IG photo wearing the Egyptian Nefertiti costume blew me away, I still have jumbled feelings for her.


Her beauty is very unconventional and distinct which sets her apart from the other girls. She’s giving me the Femme Fatale vibe. Very seductive, sassy, mysterious sexy vixen. Plus she’s very beautiful in her candids. I’m just not that sure if Russia is ready to crown this type of beauty.