Recently, it has been announced that Tara Gueye, Miss Miss Côte d’Ivoire 2019 will compete at Miss International 2019. She is supposed to compete at Miss World 2019 and is considered as one of the front-runners from the African continent. READ

Now that Tara Gueye is vying for the Miss International title, the main question is: will the pageant finally warm up to the idea of crowning a black African beauty? Miss World has Agbani Darego and Miss Universe has Mpule Kwelagobe, but Miss International is yet to crown black beauty from Africa. As one of the three older pageants among the Big5, there is great concern that the pageant is yet to catch up in terms of diversity to the point that some critics call it a racist pageant. READ

It’s the year 2019 and in United States for example, analysts pointed out that all the major beauty pageant titles were bestowed to black beauties. On the other hand at Miss International, the crown was simply passed between Latinas and East Asians for the last ten years! This year is a great chance for the pageant to shed its image of obstinacy and dullness. It may sound pre-emptive but by crowning Tara Gueye, Miss International will be embracing the exciting world of the 21st century pageantry!

Should Miss International crown Miss Côte d’Ivoire Tara Gueye? Why or why not?