VIEWPOINT :: Another US-Philippines rivalry looming at Miss Universe?




If we look things from a political standpoint, there should be a USA vs Philippines rivalry in the upcoming Miss Universe 2014 pageant. The Philippines had a four year unbroken streak at the Top 5 of Miss Universe pageant and thus logic has it that 2014 could be the glorious year of the Philippines. Backed by a massive, social media-savvy fan base, a hyper-interested local press and that enduring possibility that the country will host the pageant for the third time, Philippines is politically poised to have the Miss Universe crown this year.


The MUO President Paula Shugart descended to Manila earlier this year with the reigning Miss Universe in tow. This attendance has perhaps no precedent in the history of the Philippine national pageant – the Bb. Pilipinas. Could it be that the Philippines is already being zoomed in by MUO or is the Philippines making some moves to tilt the looming competition in their favor? Either way, there is no denying that the Philippines is gaining a lot of momentum at the pageant.


But the United States is not to be outdone. Let’s take away from the equation that the pageant is American but still the current Miss USA Nia Sanchez has many cards in her sleeves. She represents a state that has played host to Miss Universe in those years that nobody else was interested. Nia was also honed and trained by Shanna Moakler – Miss USA 1995 (took over after Chelsi Smith won Miss Universe) – who yields a powerful voice within the Miss USA and Miss Universe circle. Nia is also part Hispanic and her victory has a powerful meaning in the United States. She could serve a bridge between the American majority to its Latino community. If Nia will win the Miss Universe crown, her victory would bring joy that cuts across racial barriers and MUO will surely be keen to exploit this.


Straying from political viewpoint, both Nia and Mary Jean are strong contestants. Their physical beauty is undeniable, their confidence is evident. Should either one of them will win the crown it will make a lot of people happy. Interestingly, this US vs. Philippines rivalry is not new. In 1973, Miss Philippines Margarita Moran was the press favorite and was even voted Miss Photogenic. But Miss USA Amanda Jones was one of the crowd favorites and a strong contender for the crown. Their rivalry was obvious and there was little shock when they were the last two standing candidates.


The rivalry was once again resurrected in 2012 with Janine Tugonon and Olivia Culpo. It was easy to see that the two of them are the favorites as they are both chosen in several press engagements and activities. At one time, only Janine and Olivia were chosen to be interviewed in a national TV program with regards to their charity works.



Will we see the same trend at Miss Universe 2014? Is it justifiable to pitch one against the other considering that USA is ranked number one at the Big4 pageant while Philippines ranked as 6th? Is the “rivalry” a mere figment of imagination since USA is always on the semis while the Philippines in most cases struggling? Or the political aspects as mentioned above has changed the dynamics of the Miss Universe contest?


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  1. Peace…..honestly both countries are good friends … haven’t seen this two countries emotionally fighting each other or a rivalry if you call it in beauty pageants.. they fairly compete with no intentions of demoralizing each other… and i like that spirit ! Philippines is a friend of USA in any aspect…..if you call Philippines an ally of USA then it really is….

  2. There was no rivalry during 2012 , there was just a home town decision. Clear as crystal that janine answered the question in sublime manner but Culpo answered the question in a stupid way.. sorry but that is a candid illumination on the aforementioned matter.

    • filipin’s anwer was rehearsed, lack substance, ordinary. the judges were probably looking for something out of the ordinary and lost interest in her response after the first few words…Olivia was relaxed and being herself (not rehearsed or pretentious). it was short and simple.

      • Yes, very true. And I am from the Philippines myself. Olivia was just relaxed and did not sound rehearsed at all. And she was cool and poised. And if you look at it, Olivia’s question was the same question asked of Ma. Venus Raj paraphrased. And compared the responses of the two. Venus struggled, Olivia breezed through hers. So I do believe strongly she deserved her crown even if we base on the answers alone. Janine was fine, but her answer was not new, even expected of anyone asked of the question, thus, unoriginal, and also impersonal. 🙂

        • Whatever. Janine’s answer may sound rehearsed but it doesn’t mean its impersonal already. Those words that came to her mind to speak right away in a limited time thus it her personal answer and please everyone knows that she was the overall performer of that night no one can deny that even the audience were all for her… The truth is Olivia was just a shoo-in for ratings sake. The last 2 would have been better if it is Venezuela & Philippines. South Africa was way ahead of USA as well that year.

          • Janine was trying too hard to provide a lengthy answer that she thought would make her looked smart. for her it was more form and no substance. same thing happened to Ms filipin in ms earth 2014..her response was like a thesis and she lost! LOL

  3. I think it’s just a figment of imagination. Every year, the contestants are different so the rivalry between countries are different. It’s just the fans who thinks that there is a rivalry.

  4. Obviously, Philippines is the winner…. it may sound rehearse but its a point of a view of a true and intelligent person….a better and the best answer that night