As part of Missosology’s annual tradition, the core members have officially launched the selection of our Timeless Beauty 2021. This tradition dates back in 2010 although the title itself has been used by Missosology extensively in mid-2000s to describe a candidate that left an indelible impression. For this year, the nominees are the semifinalists of the three Big5 pageants (24 from Miss Supranational, 20 from Miss Earth and 16 from Miss Universe). The three If Only She Were There girls – Sarah Loinaz, Dana Tomuta, Cristina Mariel Rios – were also included.

The next stage will be the selection of Top 20 as selected by the core members of Missosology. The Top 10 will soon be selected by a distinguished panel of judges before the list will be whittled further to just five nominees.

Who do you think will win the Timeless Beauty 2021 title? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [kxxenriquez]