Whether onstage or offstage, Chanique Rabe is perhaps the much-needed torch that Africa needs. Usually misrepresented in popular culture and the media, the African continent is unfortunately painted with one broad stroke even in the pageantry world. Chanique Rabe is a voice that says Africa is way more diverse than most people think. She also broke the glass ceiling for being the first-ever African to win the Miss Supranational crown. There is no doubt that this will pave way for more recognition and representation of African beauties in the Big5 pageants. This year, Chanique also made history for being the first African woman to pass her crown and title to a fellow African.

Offstage, Chanique’s livelihood program called The Mending project in her native Namibia is making great progress. She made it as one of her priorities during her reign. As a model and a fashion designer, Chanique believes that sewing clothes could be a ticket for thousands of Namibians to escape poverty. She also organized the Junior Sewing School which helped a lot of people especially during the pandemic. She has also devoted time and resources in helping abandoned children at the Hope Village Orphanage.