Pageant Year 2013 has long been over, but the competition continues as we welcome the 10th Annual Missosology Timeless Beauty Award.   As a tradition, only those who made the first cut in the BIG 4 Pageants, and the respective “If Only She Was There…” recipients are allowed to compete for the ultimate title of “Timeless Beauty”.

Here is how we are going to choose the Timeless Beauty for the Year 2013.

1.  Only the 68 delegates (21 from Miss World; 16 from Miss Universe; 16 from Miss Earth; 15 from Miss International) who placed in the previous year’s BIG 4 Pageants plus the 4 “If Only She Was There…” recipients are qualified to join.

2.  Ten reputable members of the Missosology Forum will be asked to score all the qualified candidates- from 7.50 to 9.99 – based on the final night performance and their overall impression of the candidates.

3.  The highest and the lowest scores shall be eliminated to determined the composite scores.

4.  Only the Top 20 delegates will move on to the next round.  In case of a tie in the 20th spot, it WILL NOT be broken.

5.  The Top 20 finalists will be judged using the same system as above by the Missosology Administrators, to determine the Top 10.

6.  The Top 10 Grand Finalists shall be judged by a separate panel of judges who are independent from Missosology, but have left an important mark in the pageant world. (Names to be revealed soon)

7.  Only in the Top 10 will the judges be asked to rank the delegates from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest), instead of using the composite score system.

8.  The delegate who gets the lowest composite rank will be declared as the “Timeless Beauty” for the year 2013.  In case of a tie, the score in the previous round will be used to break it.




Miss Earth 2013 Top 16 Finalist