Thaís Bergamini was crowned Miss Brasil Earth 2020 in a special ceremony held September 12 in Manaus.

The 26-year-old model will head on to compete at the 2020 Miss Earth virtual competition in November.

“True courage is to pursue your dreams even when everyone says it is impossible,” Bergamini wrote on Instagram in her native language. ” I want to thank the whole team and sponsors involved. A dream that is only dreamed is a dream but a dream that is dreamed together is a dream come true.”

Bergamini held the title of Miss Amazonas Latina 2019 and competed at the Miss Brasil Latina 2019 contest where she finished second. She was also Rainha do Peladao in 2016.

Brazil has won the Miss Earth crown twice: in 2004 (Priscilla Meirelles) and 2009 (Larissa Ramos). It currently ranks 3rd in Missosology Big5 Ranking. Missosology.Org; Photos from Thaís Bergamini page