Thailand started its Big4 campaign with a lot of optimism. The crowning of Chalita Yaemwannang (ชาลิตา แย้มวัณณังค์) as Miss Universe Thailand (มิสยูนิเวิร์สไทยแลนด์) did help to uplift the morale of a country where the last Miss Universe semifinalist was way back in in 2007. Chalita or Lita (ลิต้า) was a heavy favorite at the national pageant and her crowning was welcomed by all thereby averting a 2009 -like disastrous results.


Meanwhile at Miss World, Kanyapak Phoksomboon barely registered at the pageant. Kanyapak or Nathalie was one of the beautiful contestants that Thailand ever sent at the international pageant and while she earned the attention of the press at the start, she was later largely ignored. She eventually failed to land at the semis of the pageant. Nathalie was the first Thai beauty to compete at Big4 pageants this year and it was quite a disappointing start. But there was still that sense of optimism because realistically speaking, Miss World is not really a pageant where Thailand is really that strong. It seems that the hopes of Thailand to shine at that time was hinged to Chalita – a sweet, beautiful candidate who upon arrival to Moscow was a press favorite. Unfortunately, whether by politics or the weakening Thai sash, Chalita failed to even land at the semis. She did not even win the online votes where traditionally, Thailand reigns supreme.


With Miss World and Miss Universe already concluded, the Thai banner is now being carried by Punika Kunsuntornrat. Punika or Polly is now being touted as a strong contestant at Miss Earth. Also, Chonticha Tiangtham will also carry the Thai flag at the Miss International pageant. This makes two more Thai beauties with good chances of saving the Thai campaign at the Big4 pageants.


Do you think that Punika and Chonticha could both land at the semis of their respective pageants? Could it be possible that the Thailand’s Big4 campaign will not end in complete failure?