Miss Earth Thailand Punika Kulsoontornrut is Missosology’s Choice for Miss Earth 2013! Punika or Polly wowed the judges with her curvaceous body and elegant gown plus her wonderful answer. Speaking in Thai, Polly said that other than the global warming, the attitude of the people is the most dangerous thing for all of us nowadays. It was such a brilliant but brief and concise answer to such a tough question. Polly earned the admiration of the locals for her effort to help out the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. She is also a strong advocate of nature and she is well knowledgeable about the latest updates on climate change.


Truly, Polly is deserving to be Miss Earth Water and she could have easily won the Miss Earth title. She is so far the only Thai beauty who was able to break the semis of a Big4 pageant this year and she landed this high! Congratulations Polly!