It was a decade that Filipinos would gladly forget. It was 10 straight of non-stop clapping at Miss Universe and everybody was looking for a fall guy to explain such a long drought. Gowns that the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe winners used at Miss Universe could be a good culprit. After all, it is a crucial part of the competition and if it is not done right, off you go to the gutter.



It all started with Nina Ricci Alagao’s gown in 2000. She was touted to be a frontrunner but some pageant observers believe that her gold gown was drowned in the yellow colors of the venue – an old Greek amphitheater. But whether it is the lifeless walk of Jennifer Barrientos in 2008 or the shapeless cut of Anna Theresa Licaros gown in 2007 to the oversized necklace of Carla Gay Balingit in 2003, Filipino fans are up in arms against the fashion sense of Bb. Pilipinas. Here’s a quick look at the gowns used by the Philippines during its Clapper Decade. What do you think are bad side of each gowns?




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