Susana Duijm’s demise last month at the age of 79 reflects on what was good and what is currently bad in Venezuela. As the first Venezuelan and Latina Miss World titleholder, Susana managed to shatter that glass ceiling paving way for more victories not only for her beloved Venezuela but also for the entire Latin American region.

Today, Venezuela boasts 6 Miss World crowns and that is the legacy of Susana. She represented on what was good in Venezuela – a country that is home to numerous beauty queens. But it was in her death that the ugliness of the situation in Venezuela was very apparent. She suffered from stroke and medicines and medical support failed to arrive in time due to the current economic meltdown in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a beautiful country with beautiful people. But the Chavistas and their socialist proclivities brought havoc in the country. Everything now is short in supply, their currency is basically worthless and even airlines stopped flying in due to the dire economic state. If the life of Susana Duijm showed the beauty of Venezuela, it is her death that revealed the ugly side of her nation.