PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, APRIL 1 –  The newly established Señorita Panamá® Organization announced on Friday that it has acquired the rights to produce the national event to send a contestant to the prestigious Miss Universe® pageant.

panamaOrganización Señorita Panamá® is the name of the new company that – from now on – will represent the most prestigious international beauty pageant in the national territory.

“As new owners of the Miss Universe® license in Panama, we are very proud and thankful for the trust and confidence placed in us by the Miss Universe® Organization”, a WME | IMG company, with its main base in the United States.

The production of the new event will be in charge of Grupo Producer, a renowned communications agency representing local and international brands, as well as other beauty pageants.

The official name of the contest will be Señorita Panamá® which will work for the development of opportunities where Panamanian women can showcase their talent and capacity.

The Señorita Panamá® Organization aims to promote the empowerment of women throughout the country, as well as being advocates for talent, health, beauty, diversity and inclusion.

During the next days we will be announcing our commercial partnerships, as well as the recruitment procedure for potential contestants and our plans to launch the National Beauty Contest. A new era has begun!

“Beautiful moments are about to start.  Let’s celebrate Panamanian Beauty”

Cesar Anel Rodríguez and Justine Pasek, National Directors


Justine Pasek, Miss Universe 2002

About the new company


Justine Pasek: Representing Panama, Justine Pasek was crowned Miss Universe 2002.  She has been the image model of numerous international brands and is a Goodwill Ambassador of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).  One of Panama’s most successful fashion models, Pasek is the co-owner of the Señorita Panamá Organization and new national director for Miss Universe.


Cesar Anel Rodríguez:  A communications specialist, Rodriguez has extensive experience in the field of national journalism.  He is the executive director of Grupo Producer communications agency, co-owner of the Señorita Panamá Organization and new national director of Miss Universe.

Cesar Anel Rodríguez
  • The Miss Universe Organization was acquired in 2015 by WME|IMG, making important changes within the organization, which included the appointment of new franchise holders in several countries.  Starting in 2016, this responsibility belongs to the Organización Señorita Panamá and its owners.
  • Panama has reached the finals of the Miss Universe pageant eight times (1953, 1954, 1974, 1980, 1997, 2002, 2003 and 2011).  Justine Pasek is the only Panamanian who won the Miss Universe crown back in 2002.
  • There has not been an official announcement regarding the date and venue of Miss Universe 2016.
  • The main offices of the Miss Universe Organization are located in New York, under the Presidency of Ms. Paula M. Shugart.
  • Panama has hosted the Miss Universe contest twice (1986 and 2003) and has been the recipient of the Best National Costume award four times: 1986, 2004, 2009 and 2011.