Myanmar’s first ever international crown



It’s a victory that is showing the full potential of Myanmar, not yet Big4, but a major international crown anyway. May Myat Noe was a novice a few months back. But she sought the help of those in the know and eventually ended up trained by the Gouldian in the Philippines. Under the able hands of Macoy Manlapaz of the Gouldian, May Myat Noe was transformed from being a rough stone into a sparkling gem. Her victory at the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 pageant proved that with hard work, dedication and with the help of the right experts, a major international crown is very much possible.

The victory of May Myat Moe at the Miss Asia Pacific World will indeed open a lot of possibilities for Myanmar. With its rapid political and economic reforms, Myanmar’s beauty pageant scene benefitted a lot together with its transformation. Last year saw its return at Miss Universe after years of absence and a year before that Myanmar was so obsessed with Miss International. There is a lot of buzz that this nation will soon be at Miss World and Miss Earth.

Meanwhile, with its 4th year as a major international pageant, Miss Asia Pacific World is cementing its stature as an international pageant to watch out for. The 2014 pageant concluded with the following complete results:

Miss Asia Pacific World 2014: Myanmar – May Myat Noe

1st Runner-Up: Korea – Kim Eea
2nd Runner-Up: Macau – Hio Man Cha
3rd Runner-Up: Philippines – Hillarie Danielle Parungao
4th Runner-Up: India – Anukriti Gusain
5th runner-up: Singapore – Pooja Gill
6th runner-up: Thailand – Nisanat Mongsai



  1. Check guys….
    Its written in the program
    after proclamation of TOP 7
    But never happen….
    Do what is right and fair that pleases the Lord…

    • This beauty pageant is a sham and rigged. The Q&A portion was in the program BUT not followed. WHY? Miss Philippines was very much prepared for this part of the competition, looked forward to it, and expected it to happen; but, what a disappointment! She was listed as the No. 1 to win the crown, won a special award wearing the best national costume, Miss photogenic, but why was she declared as the 3rd runner up? The crown was robbed from her!

      • Its because “YES SURELY, NO DOUBT” In the very beginning of the pageant,
        the organizers declared Myanmar as TITLE , is clearly because, they want it to be part of the HISTORY of MYANMAR to get FIRST MAJOR CROWN ever INTERNATIONALLY….

  2. if you follow this pageant from the first time several years ago,you will see a lot of strange things….