Mister Supranational 2016 Final Hot Picks

It may just be their first edition, but Mister Supranational has gathered quite a handful of gorgeous hunks from all over the world, proving that a good reputation and rapport among national holders are essential to attract quality contestants.  After nearly two weeks of activities and rehearsals, the fans of Missosology have had difficulty choosing which ones should emerge as the winners and runners-up.  After carefully surveying the male pageant prediction lists and the pulse of the public poll, we have come up with the following verdict:

Contenders for the Crown

1. Belarus. Sergei Bindalov is a 29-year-old sales manager and who has a body to die for, seductive pair of eyes, an extremely handsome and symmetrical face, and a charming smile that can melt any woman’s heart!  He has the classic royal look that can effectively represent and model for major products, and has the star quality that can be groomed further if he wishes to enter the entertainment business.  He will be a worthy first winner, and it will certainly set a high standard for this new male pageant.

2. Venezuela. Gustavo Acevedo is extremely photogenic, and has an almost perfect face, it is quite scary (but in a good way)…  He is like a living Ken, the male counterpart of Barbie.  When he smiles at you, you’re doomed!  He will truly take your heart away.  If Sergei does not deliver tonight, and everyone else fails, Gustavo will easily win this title!

3. Mexico. Diego Garcy has such a rock star name!  Easy to remember, and those looks are very much identifiable to stardom.  He has the lean body that is perfect for the runway, so if this year’s Mister Supranational is going to look for a runway model, he is the guy for the title!

4. Poland.  Rafal Jonkisz has already proven that he is such a great contender.  This is his third international pageant, but his fans never get tired of him.  Why not?  He has such an amiable personality, and his youthful vibe makes you want to hangout with him, and be friends, at least.  If he wins on home soil, it won’t be a problem.

5. Denmark.  The son of a former Miss Denmark who won 1st Runner-up at both Miss International 1986 and Miss World 1986, Marcus Rosenberg is only 20 years old and wants to become an air force pilot.  Profile-wise, he is the perfect guy that any mothers would love to date their daughter!  Maybe, it’s also what Mister Supranational is going to look for a winner?

Top 10 Semifinalists

6. India. Jitish Naresh Thakur is an engineer and a professional model/actor who is into fitness and martial arts.  Evidently, he has the awesome body to prove it!  Will it be a double victory for India, after last night’s stunning victory of Srinidhi Shetty?  Interestingly, Srinidhi was also placed in 6th place at Missosology’s Final Hot Picks for Miss Supranational 2016!

7. Brazil. Bruno Vanin screams sexiness!  He is oozing with that proverbial Brazilian sex appeal that is difficult to ignore.  This 27-year-old hunk is a model and a law student at the same time.  So in the future, you may want to commit a crime and get represented by this handsome future lawyer.

8. France. Bryan Weber has many supporters, and is being backed up by great people back in France.  This well-dressed bachelor is actually a driving instructor and a model.  We sometimes wonder if his driving students can actually concentrate on the steering wheel when he is teaching beside them.

9. Philippines. The fan vote will certainly go to Ar de la Serna, a Business Administration graduate from an exotic island of Bohol.  His well-defined jawline makes him an easy subject for photographers, and he has the lean physique that looks good on camera.

10. Czech Republic. Rounding up our Top 10 is Jan Pultar, who is a blonde eye candy representing the neighboring country, which traditionally performs well at male pageants.  Jan has a great personality, and is said to be friendly to everyone.

Rest of the Quarter-finalists

11. Canada – A great contender and has a very masculine look and mysterious personality.  He can be a surprise and may enter the Top 5.

12. Puerto Rico – An accountant, but wait, he can’t just be working on a desk!  He is a dashing 30-year-old Boricuan with a photogenic face.

13. Thailand – He is cute and has a very boyish-looking despite sporting some facial hair.  Thai guys are very charming and this delegate is no exception.

14. Netherlands – He has one of the best bodies of the competition, and a face that looks good on photos.  We shall see if he can manage to go further up in the competition.

15. Japan – Prior to arrival, he has tons of fans but somehow we felt that he should have worked on his body.  But if such shortcoming is ignored, as we really don’t know if beefy bodies will be appreciated tonight, he may just be this year’s darkhorse.

16. Belgium – Another European with a great physique!  Based on average height he is below standard, but he is too buffed to be ignored.

17. Angola – It is quite unfortunate to have only a few African delegates this year, but this wonderful guy is the one who really stood out.  He has a handsome face and good body.

18. USA – An all-American guy with great personality, and looks that is just easy to have a crush on.  He can be a spoiler!

19. Malta – Looks quite exotic and unique in some ways, and is very charming in person.

20. Egypt – The good looks of the Arab region has to be represented somehow in this contest, and this dashing interior designer fits the bill!


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