After two weeks of discovering fun in the Philippines, the 10th edition of Mister International will now come to a close at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila. From 36 hunks from around the world, only one shall inherit the title from Neil Perez of the Philippines.

The road to the finals has never been this tough. This batch of candidates is definitely one of the best in the history of Mister International. A lot of candidates have been gaining lots of attention, but there are a few who fits the “Distinctively Handsome” billing of the pageant.

Leading our final hot picks is Pedro Mendes of Switzerland. He is the candidate who got the good balance of a gorgeous face, a good physique and a lovable personality that would make a great titleholder. In case he wins the title, he will be one of the most handsome male pageant winners of all time.

In second place is the angelic Rafael Angelucci of Venezuela. This law student trained for several months with no less than the most notable pageant guru himself – Osmel Souza. He comes across as charismatic without being pageant patty with the way he carries himself on or off stage.

A pleasant surprise, Jakub Krauss of Czech Republic continues to improve and has been gaining momentum. He is well loved by both pageant watchers and the organizers for his very likable personality. This guy practices what he preaches back home about healthy lifestyle.

Fernando Alvarez of Puerto Rico came to win and won’t settle for anything less. He carries a lot of pressure on his shoulders but this Boricua hunk never fails to impress. From the looks of it, he appears to be the most determined and serious to win the title. He could never go wrong with that hard-rock abs and mega-watt smile.

The underrated Mister Panama Julian Torres suddenly became a hot favorite to grab the title due to his perfect packaging. He emits engaging energy, not to mention that he reportedly aced the closed-door interview with the preliminary judges.

Brazil’s Anderson Tomazini is an all-around contender for the title. He has style and substance, to go with his matinee idol looks. A man with style can never be underestimated.

The reincarnation of Superman, Australia’s Chris Nayna is definitely someone to watch out for tonight. He possesses all the qualities to win it all. If he enters the top 5, expect this well-spoken guy to deliver.

Probably the most popular delegate is Kenny Austin of Indonesia. His boy-next-door looks and movie-star aura appeal to the locals. He is just intense, the kind to always leave an impression on audiences with his performance.

The perfect gentleman is the best way to describe Spain’s Daniel Barreres. His good upbringing is reflected in the way he interacts with people. He exudes unmistakable air of class, commanding presence and sophistication.

Philippines’ Reniel Villareal oozes with sex appeal. It’s going be a tough climb for him with his predecessor winning the title in the previous edition, but Reniel managed to show a satisfactory performance.

Poland’s Rafal Jonckis is the youngest contestant but his rawness and innocent vibe make him all the more appealing. This acrobat can melt hearts with his piecing blue eyes and extremely sexy smile.

Fashionable, trendy and eye-catching are the best words to describe Korea’s Ryan Lee. He is the silent killer of the competition.

Tall, dark and handsome Alejandro Ruiz of Mexico is a photographer’s dream. Like a walking mannequin, he is certainly built to perfection.

Lebanon’s Farid Matar is very typical of Lebanese candidates. Tall with a sculpted body and good runway skills, he breezes through the competition. He also symbolizes the rugged man women all dream about. Add to that mix his undeniable charm, and you have a lethal weapon.

Another darkhorse in the competition is China’s Nan Li. He is noteable for his quiet demeanor & timidity. His charm doesn’t come from a macho swagger, but from a calm persona that lulls and charms you at the same time. Sometimes charisma manifests itself in just a smile and words are unnecessary.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Dominican Republic, India, Belgium, Italy, France