Sanya will once again host the largest and oldest international pageant as more than 120 beautiful ladies from countries and territories all over the world vie for the title of Miss World 2017.  During the past two editions, Missosology admits our failure to even come close into predicting the outcome of the pageant, which was very unlikely.  From 2011 to 2014, we were able to predict the respective winner correctly, except for 2012 where we only pegged Wenxia Yu of China in 2nd Place.   Ivian Sarcos, Megan Young and Rolene Strauss were all predicted by us to win the blue crown.  They respective victory mirrored an overwhelming acceptance and joy from global fans.  Their reign, also, became memorable to boot.


Incidentally, our No.1 choice in the 1st Hot Picks in 2015 and 2016 both ended up as the eventual 1st Princess in their respective years. Sofia Nikitchuk of Russia and Yaritza Reyes of the Dominican Republic did not disappoint their loyal fans as they zoomed all the way into almost winning the Miss World crown.  This year, will it be the same for our top early favorite?  Or will third time be the proverbial luck?
At No.1 is Achintya Nielsen or simply Tya.  She was crowned Miss Indonesia 2017 early this year, with much anticipation in her country.  Aside from her biracial background, this 18-year-old statuesque model is a product of an international school.  Thus, she is capable of communicating fluently in English.  She was, in fact, the winner of the most important award during her national pageant – the “Beauty with a Purpose” award.  We expect another emotionally moving video from Indonesia as this country seriously upholds the essence of the Miss World pageant system.
Magdalena Bieńkowska of Poland follows her closely at second place.  Magdalena was Miss Polski 2015, and is considered as the possessor of the most beautiful face in this year’s competition.  She reminds us of the natural charm and beauty of Valerie Abou, who represented Lebanon two years ago at Miss World 2015.  Magdalena is an intelligent and mature young woman, so we expect her to do really well in the closed door interview.
At third place is Miss World America 2017 Clarissa Bowers.  When USA hosted the pageant last year, it was followed by numerous troubles that caused the whole organization to be revamped.  Now with a new national director, the United States was able to conduct an exciting pageant format, and eventually chose an outstanding winner.  Clarissa is very family-oriented and is considered as very down-to-earth and humble person.
At fourth place is the local delegate, Guan Siyu of China.  When the pageant is being held on soil, we expect China to place high and Guan is not a bad choice as the host delegate.  Don’t be surprised when you see her qualifying in most of the important challenges or events.
And to complete our Top 5 is the charming and amiable Laura Lehmann of the Philippines, who was crowned just last month.  Her victory was witnessed by all the Miss World 2016 continental queens and Miss World 2016 herself, Stephanie del Valle.   Julia Morley was also present to visit the recipients of her charity program in Manila.



TOP 10

Still in the radar to become a potential winner is Miss Russia, Polina Popova, who is in 6th place..  Although she was not a frontrunner during her national pageant, Polina has shown much progress since her crowning.
India‘s Manushi Chhillar is currently in seventh place.  This lovely Indian lass is quite an achiever.  Born to parents who are medical practitioners, Manushi is also an aspiring doctor.  India has been struggling to get a good result at Miss World, especially when it is being held in China.  We hope that Manushi won’t be ignored this time.  At eighth place is Africa’s best hope for the continental queen crown.
South Sudan will be represented by Arual Longar and is the tallest contestant so far.  Just a few years after her country witnessed great stride in their economy, and the return of their young people, South Sudan has experienced civil unrest which affected the annual selection of Miss World South Sudan.  Arual will still compete and represent her people with pride and humility in Sanya.  Watch out for her in the Top Model competition.
Gabrielle Vilela of Brazil is in ninth place.  During the past few years, Brazil has been favored by the Miss World organization.  Just like the Philippines, it has an unbroken streak in the first cut since 2011, and only has missed the Top 10 once.  However, Brazil is yet to produce a runner-up or a win.  Gabrielle might just be the first to achieve it.
Completing our Top 10 is Miss World Australia, Esma Voloder.  This Bosnian-Australian was born in a refugee camp to immigrant parents who fled the war-torn former Yugoslav state of Bosnia & Herzegovina during the Bosnian War.  With such an interesting story, one might think that she is a perfect recipe for the Miss Universe system.  However, Miss World might just notice her dramatic story, and with her wit and beauty, she can become a pleasant and dserving winner on December 18th.

TOP 20

11th Placed Ukraine got much public attention during the pageant night when a naked lady showed up on stage condemning the pageant as disrespectful to women.  However, the unaffected Polina Tzach emerged as the winner, and is determined to give Ukraine their first ever Miss World crown.  At 12th position is the intelligent and demure Miss Nepal 2017, Nikita Chandak.  This exotic beauty can also be mistaken for a Native American with a beauty that reminds us of Pocahontas. She will most likely do well in the personality interview.  Venezuela‘s Ana Carolina Ugarte is in 13th place.  She was appointed by beauty czar Osmel Souza when the country failed to produce a separate pageant to choose their Miss World delegate.  Former Miss Earth Scotland Romy McCahill won the title of Miss Scotland 2017 and will represent her country at Miss World.  At 14th position, Romy was a semifinalist at the 2014 Miss Earth contest.  At 15th spot is Miss World Japan Haruka Yamashita.  This young lass has an almost perfect score in the TOEIC examination, which proves that this Keio Unviersity student is fluent in English.  She will do well in the interview round, just like her predecessor Priyanka Yoshikawa who failed to qualify in any of the challenges, but still managed to enter the Top 20 last year.
South Africa and Egypt are currently in 16th an 17th position.  They are the strongest delegates from the northern and southern African regions.  Korea is in 18th place, as a result of the blooming relationship between Julia Morley and the owner of the Miss World Korea franchise.  Mexico is in 19th spot and Trinidad & Tobago completes our intial list.




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