The largest of the Big5 pageants in terms of number of contestants continues to attract beautiful and competent delegates this year. And with three months left before Mireia Lalaguna crowns her succesor in Washington, DC in the USA, it’s about time to reveal our FIRST HOT PICKS.

Leading our first list is the gorgeous Yaritza Reyes from the Dominican Republic. Prior to winning the Miss Mundo Dominicana 2016 title, Yaritza was Virreina Hispanoamericana 2013 and Top 10 finalist in Miss Universe 2013. While her catwalk skills and gorgeous body made her standout in Miss Universe, it couldn’t be denied that she could easily charm her way toward the Miss World crown with her experience and determination. She holds a degree in communications and is a model and singer.

The lovely Beatrice Fontoura from Brazil comes second. She started her modeling career at age 13 and has walked for numerous fashion shows around the word. She could easily win the Top Model event in Miss World with her experience and sophisticated bearing.

One of the best faces so far is Russia’s Yana Dobrovolskaya. She is a European champion and World Championship silver medalist in sport dancing and also an accomplished ballroom dancer. Expect her to showcase her dancing prowess in the Miss World Talent round.

Israel’s Karin Alia is in fourth place. This 18-year-old beauty is a senior Arts major, taking up dance and communication.

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene of South Africa completes our Top 5 for now. This 23-year-old beauty is an education honours student from Mpumalanga. She’s one of the most active so far in social media and has been doing a lot of charity works.

Check out the rest of the list here:

2 BRAZIL – Beatrice Fontoura
3 RUSSIA – Yana Dobrovolskaya
4 ISRAEL – Karin Alia
5 SOUTH AFRICA – Ntandoyenkosi Kunene
6 FRANCE – Iris Mittenaere Druart
7 JAPAN – Priyanka Yoshikawa
8 UNITED STATES – Audra Mari
9 ARGENTINA – Elena Roca
10 NAMIBIA – Lizelle Esterhuizen

11 ARUBA – Lynette Do Nascimento
12 UKRAINE – Oleksandra Kucharenko
13 AUSTRALIA – Madeline Cowe
14 MALAYSIA – Tatiana Kumar
15 BAHAMAS – Ashley Hamilton
16 GUADELOUPE – Magalie Adelson
17 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Daniella Walcott
18 INDONESIA – Natasha Mannuela Halim
19 ENGLAND – Elizabeth Grant
20 INDIA – Priyadarshini Chatterjee



  1. Are you serious! Miss Dominican Republic? My lip just cracked laughing. This is hysterical! and no Miss Puerto Rico! Go ahead, please don’t even place her on your preposterous list. So obvious that Miss PR is so superior that many including Miss Dominican Republic. But go ahead, have a lot of fun with your list, which I am certain you all are.

    • the list was made by the pinoy site admin. so expect it to be `questionable. after the pinay queen is crown, expect their queen to be the `winner` in every so called `hot pick` later…just a matter of time..

      • Are you sure? Why do you hate so much the pinoys, they have done nothing to warrant your hatred. Come on 4tr44, you’re a coward , why not use your real name? Using an “alyas” is a great indication of cowardice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don’t say pinoys are idiots Look at Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray and see how smart and beautiful she is. Philippines is going to win their second win this year bcoz they have chosen a strong winner. Go Philippines win the title for second time.

    • Really cuz Dominican Republic classified in almost all the fast tracks Also she has one of the best interviews PR only maded to the top 24 in the talent show byeee felicia

  2. Iris Mittenaere won’t be representing France at this year’s Miss World contest, as she’s gonna be crowning her successor on that very same day in Montpellier. She will be France candies sate at Miss Universe in January as announced yesterday.

  3. Where is Miss Puerto Rico bcoz she is the most beautiful among all the girls. Also Finland, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Czech Republic, Hungary, r hot.

  4. Miss Japan doesn’t deserve to be in the list along with India bcoz both r big fakers and liars and know how to flaunt and cry and act stupid and smart at times. Natural beauty with true innocence and intelligence must win Puerto Rico, Finland, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Hungary, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Bahamas, r the perfect girls to win

  5. My own Hot Pics based in the images above: France and Ukraine. Russia and USA have a lot of photoshop on it so we dont know how they really are.

    The rest of them are just plain beauty girls; you can find a lot of them in the nearest shopping center.