One of the contentious issue that is very current in Spain right now is the bid of the Catalan region to breakaway from the rest of the country. Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna represented Spain and she hails from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.


During her official homecoming and first public appearance, she was asked by the members of the press about the issue of the independence of Catalonia. Mireia gave the following reply:


“I do not want to talk politics. If you ask me about it, I would say that we are a democratic country where citizens choose the government. The government is the one who has to take care of its functions in the best way possible. My job is to talk and take the country forward. I’ll try not to highlight the bad things in Spain but i’ll emphasize how beautiful our country, both the people and the culture, food or values. Perhaps our country is heading towards the wrong direction, and I will try to give everything positive and try to be an ambassador for a country of wonderful people struggling to get by.”