Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna admits she cheated a little

Mireia Lalaguna admitted that she cheated a little bit
Mireia Lalaguna admitted that she cheated a little bit

Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna admitted earlier today (evening in Spain) that she “cheated a little bit” during the Miss World contest. In her introduction video (watch below), it appears that the musical score was performed by Mireia herself. After all, she was shown in the video playing the piano and said that she was doing it since she was a little girl.

Thus, Mireia gave the Miss World organizers the impression that she can play that particular music score in her video. Unfortunately, Mireia was not the one playing the music score of the video. In fact, she does not know how to play that particular music.

Mireia was put in a tight spot when she was asked by the organizers to play that music live in front of university students back in China. She however got away with it when the show was cancelled after some key personnel got sick. During the interview at the show El Hormiguero, Mireia admitted “I cheated but, well, I’ve got the crown!”


  1. LOL, never used Pachelbel Canon D if you cannot actually play it as a pianist. But how come, it is supposed to be in every veteran pianist’s bucket list, and she is supposed to be one?

  2. Moral lesson: If you are a veteran musician and want to introduce yourself to the world in a video, never ever use a musical piece that you cannot play as a background while you are shown playing an instrument!

    How come the new Miss World cannot play Pachelbel’s Canon D, a must in a bucket list of every veteran musician, if she was playing the piano since as a kid???

    She was actually playing another piece but the background is Pachelbel’s Canon D. Since many people love that piece, she was requested to play that piece because they thought she can play it. She could have admitted right away that the piece was just a background and she can play other pieces but not that piece. Now she is being bashed left and right, it is a real pity.